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What Is webOS Live Menu And How Do I Access It? - webOS 2.0 Video

Operation TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 10/10/2018
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What Is webOS Live Menu And How Do I Access It? - webOS 2.0 Video

What Is webOS Live Menu And How Do I Access It? - webOS 2.0

What is webOS Live Menu and How Do I Access It? WebOS 2.0

Live Menu is a convenient feature built into LG Smart TV with webOS and it can help you get the most enjoyment out of your TV watching time.

You need to complete the initial setup of your LG Smart TV with webOS for this feature to work, and we cover that setup in another video; so check that out first.

If you still need to you can access Live Menu in both live TV mode using an antenna and when using a cable or satellite set-top box.

Just point the cursor over at the right side of the screen and you'll see these two vertical bars appear.

Channels and recommended. Click on channels and you'll see a list of currently available channels with information about what's showing right now.

Up here, click on next to see what the following program on each channel would be.

Want more information, click on guide for the complete channel grid for your TV service set up.

Back in channels, click on genre here, next to guide to help you find certain types of programs from comedies to movies, to sports, talk shows and more.

You could also filter which channels are displayed here into up to 4 different groups of favorites.

To get started, click on filter, then favorite A and since you don't have any favourite channels selected yet, you'll be asked to use the channel manager.

Click on that and you'll see these two columns. Simply work your way down the master list of channels on the left.

Click on any that you'd like to add to your favorites list and when you're ready, click to the right twice.

Then click on this little right arrow to set these selections as some of your new favorites.

Wait a moment and you'll see this revised list.

Up here, you'll also see favorite list B, C and D which you can use for different members of the family or even your different moods.

Perhaps a collection of all sports channels or news or kids programming.

Now, the next time you use the Live Menu channel listing, you'll see all of your channels, then you can click on filter, select one of your favorite lists, and just like that you'll see only those channels that are the most interest to you, as chosen by you.

Now, recommended on the other hand shares some of LG's top picks for movies and TV shows from across your current channel lineup.

Here, you can filter by standard definition, high definition, or a combination of both as well as by genre.

Have a look at what's showing now with these nice big thumbnails and click on one to learn more about it.

If it's not for you just click this back arrow and pick another, otherwise click on this little play icon to tune that program and begin watching immediately.

You can also click here for a look at what's upcoming in both now and upcoming, you'll also search by clicking on this icon up here which calls up the keyboard.

Key in your search term, then click enter and wait a moment for your results.

Keep in mind that even if you were in now mode, when you searched some of your matches might be airing in the future

So whenever you're watching live television, Live Menu on LG Smart TV with webOS is ready to help you find a great show right away.

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