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LG French Door Refrigerator Blast Chiller Operation

Operation Refrigerators Last Updated 02/01/2019
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LG French Door Refrigerator Blast Chiller Operation



  • The LG French door refrigerator is packed with innovative and easy-to-use functions designed to provide you with a better kitchen experience.

  • Want a cold drink? But nothing's already in the fridge? Check out LG's blast chiller.

  • Pop a beverage, in and in less than 5 minutes your ice cold beverage will be ready.

  • The blast chiller is located inside your refrigerator compartment next to the deli drawer.

  • Inside there are front and side guides which indicate where the beverage should be placed.

  • To operate the blast chiller, begin by opening the window of the blast chiller by pushing down on the release button.

  • Insert your beverage into the blast chiller, making sure that the top of your beverage is behind the front guide.

  • Beverages should always fit inside as the front and side guides, do not try to force larger beverages into the blast chiller.

  • Close the window of the blast chiller and close your refrigerator door.

  • Located on the outside of your refrigerator is the control panel.

  • Using the blast chiller selection button, choose the 1 can option for 1 can.

  • The cycle will last approximately 5 minutes as indicated by the display.

  • For 2 cans or a bottle please choose the 2 can, 1 bottle option by pressing the selection button again.

  • The blast chiller will pool 2 cans or a bottle in approximately 8 minutes.

  • Once you have decided on your selection, wait a few seconds and the blast chiller will automatically activate.

  • Please note that it is normal for the blast chiller to make noise during operation.

  • The time remaining will be indicated on the control panel display.

  • If at any time during the cycle the refrigerator or freezer door is opened, the blast chiller will shut off.

  • You can reactivate the blast chiller by closing the refrigerator or freezer door and pressing the blast chiller selection button.

  • After the cycle is over the blast chiller will automatically shut off.

  • Open the refrigerator, open the window of the blast chiller, and enjoy your ice cold beverage.

  • If you want to cancel the blast chiller operation at any time, press and hold the selection button for 3 seconds.

  • This will turn off the blast chiller.

  • After each cooling cycle, the not ready indicator will illuminate for a short period of time until the blast chiller is ready again.

  • At which point the indicator light will turn off.

  • If the blast chiller is used 3 consecutive times, the not ready indicator light will illuminate.

  • And you will not be able to use the blast chiller until the light is gone which may take up to 2 hours depending on the temperature of your refrigerator.

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