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LG Refrigerator - How to Change Your Water Filter

Operation Refrigerators Last Updated 12/21/2018
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LG Refrigerator - How to Change Your Water Filter

LG Refrigerator - How to Change Your Water Filter
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LG Refrigerator - How to Change Your Water Filter

  • In this video we will show you how to properly install a fresh water filter in your new LG four-door French door refrigerator.

  • To maintain the quality you and your family have come to enjoy.

  • Note, only LG brand water filters may be used which can be purchased at any local home improvement store that sells LG appliances, or by visiting us at

  • Your water filter indicator light on the control panel of your 4 door French door refrigerator will notify you when it's time to change the water filter.

  • Let's first start by turning the water valve OFF that connects to the refrigerator water line.

  • Dispense any remaining water left in the water line. Lay a dry towel on a floor.

  • Open the left side of the refrigerator door and remove the bottom door bin.

  • Grab each end with both hands and lift up and out to remove the door bin.

  • You'll then notice the water filter housing.

  • Swing the old filter out slightly and grab the bottom of the old filter and turn counterclockwise until it releases.

  • The model number posted here toward the top should be written down. This will be necessary when purchasing your part online or at your local home improvement store.


  • Be sure to clean up any spill during this process using a soft dry towel.

  • Once a new filter has been acquired, remove it from the packaging and make sure to take the cap cover off.

  • Once the cap cover has been removed, place a new water filter in the water filter mount and turn the filter clockwise until it is fully locked in place.

  • Then swing the new filter back into the filter housing and slide your door bin back into place.

  • Be sure to push down on your door bin until it is fully seated on the mount supports.

  • Once installed, turn the water valve ON. That connects your refrigerator water line.

  • This spends about 2 and 1/2 gallons of water in 30 second intervals to purge and prime the new water filter with the water system.

  • Lastly, reset the water filter indicator light by holding down the button next to it for about 3 seconds.

  • Your indicator light will switch off.

  • Letting you know that you have approximately another 6 months until your next replacement.

  • The lifetime of the new water filter may vary due to your city's water quality, your water use habits, in your personal tastes.

  • With proper maintenance your LG 4 door French door refrigerator will dispense great tasting water for years to come.

  • Thank you for watching our customer support video.

  • We hope you enjoy your LG experience.

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