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How to Disable the Display Mode - Refrigerator

Operation Refrigerators Last Updated 07/11/2018

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How to Disable the Display Mode

This video will show you how to disable the display mode feature on your LG refrigerator.
Display mode is a showcase feature that disables the cooling system in the refrigerator and freezer sections to conserve energy while on display in a retail store.
Allowing the refrigerator lights and control panel to remain active while the cooling system is off.

  • When plugging in your LG refrigerator for the first time check to see if the control panel shows the letters "OFF" displayed horizontally or vertically.
  • This indicates the refrigerator's cooling system is off and in the display mode.
  • To disable this function, first open the right refrigerator door.
  • Hold down the refrigerator and Ice Plus button at the same time for several seconds.
  • The control panel display will switch over to its normal setting and you will hear the refrigerator's dispenser initialize.

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