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Smart Security Initial Setup

Installation Home Security Last Updated 07/11/2018
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LG Smart Security Initial Setup


Welcome to the all new LG Smart Security system, ideal for all of your home safety needs.

Smart Security hardware was designed by LG Electronics, with optional monthly professional monitoring service available from ADT.

Opening up the box, you will find the LG Smart Security device with power cord, adapter, and manual.

Setup is extremely simple, just:

  1. Plug In.
  2. Download the ADT Canopy App.
  3. and launch it.
  4. From there, just follow the directions in the app to connect the smart security device to your phone via bluetooth.
  5. Then, connect to your home WiFi.

And, if you want the most from your smart security experience, you can also sign-up for the 24 7 monitoring service from ADT and Cloud Storage, to give yourself even more peace of mind.

LG Smart Security with ADT, you've got it under control.

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