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LG Smart Security App Setup

Installation Home Security Last Updated 07/11/2018
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LG Smart Security Initial Setup


Hello, and welcome to LG Smart Security secured by ADT. Getting started on all of your home security needs is simple.

  1. Just download the app to get going.
  2. Sign up and sign in to register your hub.
  3. Connect the smart security to your phone via Bluetooth, and then connect the Smart Security to your home Wi-Fi.
  4. Once that's done, the app should ask you if you'd like to setup ADT service. You can choose now or later.
  5. If you want ADT service now, click sign me up.
  6. From there, read through the agreement, and accept it.
  7. Add your credit card and phone information, and add an emergency contact.
  8. Choose a password, then the ADT service will start right up.
  9. Once you're finished signing up for ADT service, the dashboard will load up and your Smart Security should start working instantly.
  10. From there, you can start setting up all of your notifications.
  11. Just click the activity icon, and tap on the Plus icon.
  12. You'll be able to name the trigger, and choose how it activates, whether it visual or physically moving the device.
  13. Then, simply tap done and you're good to go.

Setup alerts through emails or push notifications. Or, if you need more help, sections dedicated to ADT Canopy Services, Account Information, How To Troubleshoot, and other materials are available.

LG Smart Security with ADT, you've got it under control.

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