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Device Connect: Soundbar - webOS 2.0 Video

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Device Connect: Soundbar


Part of what makes LG Smart TV with webOS so smart is the way it connects other devices.

It might be surprised what you can connect: everything from a smartphone or tablet, your PC and of course the Blu-ray Player, Home Theater System or sound bar.


  1. To begin press the Home Button on the Magic Remote then navigate to the right until the all apps are reappears. See this tab in with the icon of the two plugs? Click on it and launch the Device Connector. Alternatively you can push the Microphone Button on the magic remote and say “Device Connector” and here we see step one:
  2. Device Selection – We can choose to select Set Top Box, Blu-ray / DVD Player, a Home Theater System, a Sound Bar, Game Console, Smartphone, PC, External Storage such as USB Drive or another Box including the legacy device such as the VCR.
  3. We cover cable and satellite set top boxes in our initial setup video.
  4. Let’s try a sound bar. Click on that and on the second step you’ll be informed that your TV’s sound out setting will be changed automatically to accommodate your sound bar. Click “Yes” and you’ll be asked at which port you’ve like to connect it and you’ll be shown a list of available inputs.
  5. These include HDMI with ARC, Optical, and Audio Out/Headphones plus Bluetooth.
  6. Click on the appropriate connection then plug in your sound bar’s cable at the input around the back of the TV.
  7. Audio Return Channel or ARC is a two way connection that can send audio from the TV out to external speakers as well accept audio from an add on AV device such as a compatible sound bar that also streams audio over a single HDMI cable.

    Optical is a fine choice for a digital audio just be sure not to bend the cable too sharply because it receives signals via pulses of light. You can also connect using a portable cable with a mini plug or use the included adapter to switch to RCA type Red White Stereo cables. You have a lot of options: one of which should pair well with your sound bar if you choose Bluetooth wireless connection using a Bluetooth sound bar click here on sound out settings to enter the sound menu then pair the TV with the sound bar or by following the on screen instructions putting your sound bar into pairing mode and searching for it from the TV.

  8. However you connect you want to click down here on the sound test to quickly and easily confirm the audio is indeed playing through your sound bar. If not double check all the steps you’ve taken as far and make sure that the sound bar’s powered on and the volume is in acceptable level. Once you hear the sound test music through your sound bar clicks next. You will learn about SIMPLINK that allows controlling all of your LG Devices that are connected via HDMI using only the magic remote. To do this point the cursor at the SIMPLINK line and click to toggle it on, AUTO POWER SYNC will then default to on so then when turn on your sound bar on the future the TV will power on automatically. If you prefer you can deactivate auto power sync by clicking on it but SIMPLINK will remain active.
  9. Click next to find out about universal control which let you use the magic remote to operate your sound bar even if it’s not made by LG. You’ll be reminded to keep your connected sound bar no more than 3 feet from the TV, not behind close door or inside a close drawer in order to work properly with universal control.
  10. Click next to choose the manufacturer then next again to choose the remote type and try few simple test functions to make sure that the magic remote can now operate your sound bar.
  11. Give each command a few second to work because response times can vary. If this doesn’t work click on the small right arrow to switch the remote type and try again chances are one of them will work with your sound bar. When it does, click next and universal control setup for your home theater system is complete.
  12. Click next to review what you’ve done and next once more to complete the device connection process. You can also return to the previous screen to make changes or back to the main page to connect another device while you’re here you can also see addition of this icon to indicate successful setup of universal control.
  13. And for even greater convenience sound bas has been added to the all apps extension of the launcher so you can navigate right away to it. You can also drag and drop this tab into one of the first eight (8) slots. You can also access by simple pressing the Home Button at and time and then clicking on it. Also this button on the Magic Remote press it to call on the on screen remote up here you’ll see the name of the device you connected and this virtual remote control can be configured specifically for your sound bar. Pretty neat right?
  14. And so just a few steps your sound bar is now connected and ready to help you enjoy with your LG Smart TV with webOS even more.


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