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LG Dishwasher - Loading the dishwasher

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LG Dishwasher - Loading the dishwasher

  • Upper rack

  • The upper rack adjusts up and down.

  • Hold the rack at the center of each side to support its weight.

  • Then, push the button on each side to release the rack and lower it to the lower position.

  • Before adjusting, ensure the rack is empty of all dishes.

  • Otherwise dishes may get damaged or you may get injured.

  • Ensure the rack height is the same on both sides.

  • If the height is not the same on both sides, the dishwasher door will not shut and the upper spray arm will not connect to the water inlet.

  • Lift the rack at the center of each side until the rack locks into place in the upper position.

  • It is not necessary to lift the lock levers to raise the rack.

  • Lower rack

  • The lower rack is suitable for dinner plates, soup bowls, dishes, pots, pans, lids, and even a grill tray.

  • Fold down the rack tines (optional) to fit lager dishes.

  • Pull tines back up to fit smaller dishes.

  • Plates should be positioned upright and facing the center of the rack.

  •   Pots, pans, and large dishes must be turned upside down.

  • Cutlery rack and basket

  • Cutlery rack (On some models)

  • The tray on the left side can be adjusted to a high or low position.

  • Cutlery basket (On some models)

  • Place forks and spoons in the cutlery basket with their handles downwards.

  • Caution for loading

  • Remove large particles of food debris from plates including bones etc., before loading.

  • Always rinse off plates when loading if they are not to be washed immediately.

  • Make sure that all items do not touch each other.

  • Deep based items should be placed upside down.

  • Do not obstruct the rotation of the spray arms.

  • The separators on the cutlery rack help keep utensils separated to avoid damage and improve cleaning.
  •   If the handles of your cutlery are too thick, then reverse the pieces so that the handles face the other direction.

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