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LG Portable Air Conditioner - Installation

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LG Portable Air Conditioner – Installation


LG makes installing your portable air conditioner in your home quick and easy.

In this video we will demonstrate how to properly install and setup your LG portable air conditioner using LG's window installation kit.

Please keep in mind that the air conditioner unit is heavy. Use two or more people to lift the unit out of the box prevent injuries.

LG's installation kit has been designed to accommodate a variety of window sizes. The window installation kit allows you to install the air conditioner in most vertical sliding windows 18 to 50 inches wide, or casement-style windows from 18 to 50 inches high.

If your window length needs more than two panels, you will need to use a type-A screw to fix them together.

Your window installation kit should include a flexible venting hose, 3 extension panels, 4 adhesive foam seals, 1 non adhesive foam seal, a security bracket, and 4 screws.

Cut the long adhesive foam seals to the proper length and attach it to the window session frame.

You will not have to cut the shorter seals.

Insert the vent panel assembly including extension panels, if needed.

Into the window opening, extend any extension panels that are being used, carefully lower the window. Cut the non-adhesive foam seal to the window width and stuff the seal between the glass and the window.

This will help prevent air and insects from getting into the room.

Next install the security bracket by placing it on the upper left corner of the window sash, and fixing it in with the type-B screw.

If you plan on moving your portable air conditioner around and want a simple installation, there is no need to fix the security bracket into place.

Make sure that your portable AC unit is on a level floor.

For best performance and good air circulation allow at least 20 inches of air space on all sides of the unit.

To attach the venting hose to the AC unit, insert the vent hose into the hole on the back of the air conditioner unit and rotate counterclockwise to lock into place.

Grasp and lift to open the holder. Insert the vent hose into the exhaust air outlet. Rotate the holder to the closed position.

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