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LG Range - How to clean your oven using EasyClean™

LG Range - How to clean your oven using EasyClean™
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LG Range - How to clean your oven using EasyClean™

  • LG understands that cleaning your oven is not an easy task.

  • That's why LG's new oven provides more cleaning flexibility than the traditional Self-Clean with Easy Clean.

  • If you are trying to clean lights oils such as drops of cheese from pizzas or light grease splatter from low-temperature broiling or roasting.

  • Using the Easy Clean feature can help make cleaning safer and faster by loosening up these soils.

  • In just 20 minutes, with bust heat and virtually no smoker fumes.

  • Oven cleaning just got so much easier.

  • With your convenience in mind, Easy Clean cleaning supplies are provided for you along with your new LG oven.

  • You will need the pressurized spray bottle filled with 10 ounces of warm water, a plastic scraper, sponge, non-scratch scouring pad, and a towel.

  • Fill the spray bottle with one and a quarter cup or ten ounces of water.

  • Use the indicator lines located on the bottle as guides.

  • To use a spray bottle, pump the spray bottle about 10 times.

  • Press and hold down the trigger to spray.

  • For continuous spraying, press down and slide the small button to lock it.

  • You can also adjust the water spray by turning the nozzle at the tip.

  • We recommend the miss studying for the lower oven and the stream setting for the upper oven cavity.

  • The Easy Clean feature can be activated on both your upper and lower oven.

  • Begin by removing oven racks and accessories from the oven.

  • Your oven should be completely empty.

  • Take the plastic scraper or a similar tool such as an old credit card and scrape off and remove any burnt on debris.

  • Using the pressurized spray bottle, cover the walls and the soils in the corners of the oven with at least a quarter cup of water.

  • Use the indicator lines on the spray bottle to see how much water you have used, do not spray water on the doors which can cause water to drip onto your floors.

  • Take the cup of water left in your spray bottle and spray onto the bottom center of the oven cavity.

  • The indentation on the oven bottom should be fully covered just emerge all soils.

  • Add more water if necessary.

  • Although this may seem like a lot of water, it is important that you fully submerge all soils and water for easy clean to properly work.

  • Close the oven door, press Upper or Lower Easy Clean.

  • And then press Start.

  • Surfaces in the oven will get hot during the cycle, but will be cooled down once a cycle is finished.

  • Do not open the oven door during the easy clean cycle to ensure safety and maximum performance.

  • During the 20-minute cycle, you may notice water vapor or will look like smoke coming out of your cooktop vents.

  • This is normal.

  • At the end of the cycle, a tone will sound.

  • Press the upper or lower clear off button to clear the display and tone.

  • After the cleaning cycle and during hand cleaning, the soils in your oven should still be fully submerged in water for better cleaning performance.

  • Add warm water to the oven cavity if more water is necessary.

  • Clean the oven cavity immediately after the easy cycle by wiping with the white non-scratch scouring pad or sponge.

  • If you have a gas oven, some water may spill into the bottom buds while cleaning but it will not hurt the burner avoid leaning or rusting on the oven door glass while cleaning the oven cavity.

  • Once the oven cavity is clean, wipe any excess water with a clean dry towel.

  • Replace racks and any other accessories

  • These easy clean instructions should be followed for both the upper and lower oven.

  • If some light soils remain after hand cleaning, repeat the easy clean process making sure to thoroughly soak the problem areas with water.

  • If stubborn soils remain after multiple easy clean cycles, you can run the Self-Clean cycle to rid of these soils completely you.

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