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Smartphone Gestures & Navigation - Android (2016)

Smartphone Gestures & Navigation - Android (2016)
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Smartphone Gestures & Navigation - Android (2016)

Note: Feature shown in this video may differ from your phone depending on the software version of your phone.

  • How to use gestures

  • You can perform certain actions easily just by moving your phone or using your fingers in different ways, for example:

    • You can silence the phone when its ringing by turning it over.

    • To use this gesture from the phone app,

      1. Tap the phone icon.

      2. Then tap the menu button and select call settings.

      3. Select more.

      4. [Scroll] select gestures.

      5. Turn on the gesture you want to use.

    • To silence incoming calls, snooze the alarm, or pause a video, simply turn over the phone.

    • To accept incoming calls, simply bring the phone to your ear.

    • Another gesture you can use in some apps is the pinch which makes the words and layout smaller.

      • The pinch gesture works in contacts, emails, messaging, music and calendar agenda view.

      • Pinch by touching the screen with two fingers and sliding our fingers together.

      • To make the words and layouts larger, spread your fingers apart.

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