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Troubleshooting Magic Remote (MR-600) - webOS2.0

Troubleshooting Magic Remote (MR-600) - webOS2.0 Click Here for Audio Description Video for Visually Impaired
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Troubleshooting Magic Remote (MR-600) - webOS2.0

  • Try these steps if your Magic remote is not working properly.

  • First, check if the Power button lights up when pressed. If the Power button does not light up, try to change both batteries. Changing only one battery can cause errors.

  • If the Power button does light up, try shaking the remote. Or pressing the Wheel button to make the cursor appear on the screen.

  • If the cursor does not appear, pairing between the TV and the remote may be lost.

  • To Re-pair the Magic Remote, press the Exit button (or Home and Back buttons)for more than five seconds while facing the remote toward the TV.

  • The Power button will flash 3 times when pairing is complete.

  • When you see “Registering new Magic Remote” or “Your Magic Remote has been successfully registered”, pairing is complete.

  • If using a new Magic Remote, or Magic Remote from another TV, you will need to perform this pairing process before use.

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