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Ultrawide Monitor: 4-Screen Split - MONITOR

Ultrawide Monitor: 4-Screen Split - MONITOR
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Ultrawide Monitor: 4-Screen Split - MONITOR


Whether you're a photographer, graphic artist, video engineer, composer or the classic multitasker juggling all kinds of content at once, you're sure to appreciate the convenience of LG's four screen split feature.

Shuffling between windows on two or more monitors is a thing of the past.

For openers you'll have to download LG's for screen split software into all devices attached to your monitor.

It's an easy process, simply enter your model number right here on the LG com/us homepage, click product support, software update, then click the file name that matches your computer the latest for screen split software will be downloaded.

Once again it's essential to repeat this step for all devices you'll be using.

When you're done head on over to this screen split icon, this is where it all starts.

With every double click, you'll find a new configuration from one giant screen, all the way to two three and four segments.

Select the screen layout that's best for your project, then drag and drop your files couldn't be easier or more flexible.

Think of it as a custom fit, want to change the amount of open screens, go for it.

Need even more screens, activate the PBP split-screen option when you're using the dual controller feature and counting, you've got up to eight screens.

Every aspect of LG's four screen split feature was designed with the professional in mind, designers working with numerous images, and graphic programs photographers.

Continuously viewing pictures and layouts video editors sorting through countless film clips.

Composers who need every audio mixer they can get and because you're invariably working with big files, it's good to know that you can count on the speed of Thunderbolt 2.

LG ultra-wides are the only 21 by 9 monitors featuring two Thunderbolt 2 ports so data is transmitted more than four times faster than a USB 3.0.

With LG's 4 screen split too much information is a very good thing.

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