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Understanding Sensor Dry - Laundry Dryer


Understanding Sensor Dry - Laundry Dryer

Your LG dryer is equipped with an innovative feature and sensor that helps detect moisture in your clothes known as sensor dry which functions with the automatic dryer cycle settings.

Any sensor dry setting allows your LG dryer unit understand how wet your clothes are.

This moisture sensor will automatically adjust the time on your dry cycle setting for effective and efficient draying performance.

This feature aids in the reduction of energy consumption and prevent possible damage to your clothes.

For optimum performance more clothes in general help the sensor detect a moisture content of your clothes. Be sure to separate and sort by weight and materials to effectively promote optimum drying performance. The moisture sensor is located in the front of the dryer behind the lint trap.

It is important that there are enough clothing items tumbling past the sensor for the dryer to effectively measure remaining moisture.

For average load size the dryer won't have any trouble detecting the moisture contents due to the abundance of clothing items passing through the sensors.

However in certain situations when a very small load or single items are dried the sensor may not be able to effectively measure moisture of these items due to lack of contact with the sensor.

Use the Time Dry feature for a few articles of clothing to be able to manually control the length of time on your dry cycle. If you ran your small load using any sensor dry setting and notice that your clothes are still damp. Please utilize a time drive feature, and set the time manually in the future.

It may be more effective to increase the size of the load to help the dryer sense better.

Baby clothes or small items such as socks should be dried using the Time Dry feature for best results.

Your LG dryer makes it easy efficient and convenient to customize you drying needs.

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