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With LG touchscreen phones, you’ll not only see stunning imagery and vibrant colors come to life before your eyes, the intuitive features make it easy to interact, work or stay connected flawlessly.
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  1. 3 months ago
    Excellent Phone!
    I had an LG V20 before and it got stolen and I loved that phone. I waited for an opportunity to get another one so I bought a V20 and a V30, and got a heck of a deal. I gave the V20 to my friend and she absolutely loves it. As for me I kept the V30 and I'm glad I did. I enjoy the camera cause taking pictures is a hobby of mine. The calls are crystal clear. It's the most beautiful phone I've ever had. It feels perfect in my hand. It's well balanced and the touch screen is the smoothest ever. But ... read more the best feature is the Hi-Fi Quad DAC. No gadget , smart phone or otherwise even comes close to the amazing sound that this phone puts out. You just have to try it for yourself. I've never been happier. Thanks LG.
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  2. 8 months ago
    Highly recommend this phone!
    I used this phone with a past job, and just purchased one for myself. I have recently owned a ZTE phone, Nexus 5x, and an Essential PH-1 (most recent). The reason I picked this phone again was that it has a bigger screen than the others, better features ( IP68, wireless charging, etc.), and I like the way LG does it's software. Lots of options. I have also owned several LG models in the past, and they have all performed great. If you are looking for a solid performing phone with great features, ... read more you cannot go wrong with this one. Much better than Samsung. Highly recommend LG products!
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  3. 3 months ago
    Nice, decent phone.
    I like this phone quite a lot, it's a decent upgrade from my previous OnePlus 2. The only thing I wish LG would have done is to add at least 6 GB of RAM, but that's not really a huge issue at all, the phone is snappy, and overall has great performance. However having 6 GB of RAM would have helped the phone be a bit more "future proof". One other thing is there is far too much bloat on this phone app wise, which should be optional in my personal opinion. The speaker which is mono and in a spot ... read more that easily cover by your hand is alright sounding but is slightly on the quiet side and gets covered by the hand far too easily which can be a bit annoying. Other than that, this phone is great, I'm impressed
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  1. 2 years ago
    I switched over from a Samsung and was suprised
    I got the Stylo 3 after always having been purchased Samsung products but year after year their prices keep going up who has an extra $1000.00 to blow on a phone I have 2 kids man I have been very surprised at how well and how fast this phone is thanks so much from a future repeat customer and happy holidays to you
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  2. 1 year ago
    Stylo 3 plus cell phone
    I purchased it december 2 2017 and a month later it hasntvdropped performance at all.bthe features of the built in stylus has proved extremely useful
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  3. 1 year ago
    awesome phone!!
    had all 3 then broke 3 Stylo 3s all together which was my fault..sonow I'm on my 4th ty that's how much I love lg Stylo 3 great picture sound quality is strong..I'v never had any lagging or freezing issues like with most other phones I'v purchased..everything on it satisfies my everyday needs and if I broke this one I would purchase a 5th :) thank you lg for making such a flawless phone for such a reasonable price!! I do want you to know that I would love to receive the 8.0 Oreo software update ... read more for the Stylo 3 and I'm sure I'm not the only one..could you guys plz make that happen for your loyal customers like me?? :) it would sure be appreciated!! #chow
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  1. 1 year ago
    LG Phones Just Get Better
    I have had this phone for almost a month. This is my 4th LG Tracfone and the best one yet with long battery life, quick response time, larger display and simple to use. I have had over 15 phones in the past 10 or so years and this one exceeds my expectations. Setting up new minutes, service time, transfer of minutes from old LG phone etc, was done effortlessly and within an hour all done doing it online.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Best one I have owned!!
    I have owned three LG Smart Phones, the LG Ultimate 2, the Premier and now my favorite the Fiesta 2 Lte. Little did I realize what a big difference there would be in the Premier and the Fiesta 2 (L166VL). It has exceeded my expectations in all aspects. I am thrilled with my new phone and I will always purchase LG phones in the future.
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  3. 2 years ago
    Good quality phone fir a low price!!
    Just got it and its a good phone, love the quality and how light it is compared to my old galaxy s5. Love the battery life a single charge lasts all day and camera is pretty clear for its price. The only thing I dont like about it is when recording a video the microphone pics up add sounds amd it plays like there is water in the speaker but playing audio from an app (ie, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) It plays nice and clear
  1. 2 years ago
    I bought this phone May of 2016 and it is the best phone I have had so far.I do not have a case on it because I like the color I have dropped it several times and it is still going as good as the day I bought it. My battery life is amazing. I can go all day on the same batter and sometimes a day and a half. I always used Samsung before this and my phone was always needing to be charged by 2 or 3 in the after noon. I will stick with LG as long as the quality of the phones are great. The sound is ... read more loud the display is beautiful. I love this phone!
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  2. 2 years ago
    One month in i like this phone
    The LG G5 watched the prices come down after the G6 was released and happy i got the G5 at a good price. Pluses: very quick, nice screen, touch is very responsive, wifi has been good, voice and call quality good. The two cameras are great for vacation photos. I had moto x and this way better. I really like that can have a spare battery and swap and reboot quickly get another 12 hours. The oc3 support great 20 minutes 85%. The phone ships with oc2 charger that takes about 30 minutes get 85%. ... read more A minor disappointment. Wish all phones had user replaceable battery. Don't understand why they like sealing the battery. Well i do know they do it to encourage you to toss the phone after two years for newer model. The L5 was prompting me do the Nugget update but after too many updates i think I'll stay with Marshmallow. Only minus still cannot easily read sunlight.
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  3. 9 months ago
    Love my G5 up until Android 8 update.
    My phone is the 2nd one after the first refused to fully activate. This one runs circles around my old g3. I was excited when they released android 7 on it and never expected an android 8 release, but it arrived a few weeks ago. I love how it works, but noticed my battery life went from average, to losing a percentage every 30 minutes while plugged in to original LG cord. I turned off location, wifi and tethered it via usb thinking that would work on my thunderbolt ports. Same issue. Rebooting ... read more fixes it temporarily. Even when battery saver is on, it happens. clearing cache does no good.
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  1. 2 years ago
    I love this phone!
    I bought this phone about 6 months ago and l love it!!! I always preferred LG phones! I had a galaxy 5 before this and honesty l like this phone much better! I catch my friends that have the newest iPhones or Galaxys playing with my phone all the time!! They love messing with the stylus pen! Especially drawing on pictures etc. l can't tell you how many times l popped the pen out, wrote a note quick without unlocking my screen and ppl saying "wait, all you do is pop the pen out and save it? And ... read more use whatever color you want? And you don't have to unlock your screen? That's so cool what kind of phone is that?" I get that all the time especially at the grocery store! When l tell people it's an LG Stylo 3 Plus and l got it on promo for $120 they can't belive it!! This phone does soooo much. Yes the battery might die quick if your on it all the time but it also fully charges in like an hour! And even some $800+ phones have short battery life! I never had a problem with this phone. My mom just got it 2! She loves it. She loves the pen 2!! It has 32G of storage that's AMAZING for how cheap this phone is and how much it does!! I have no problem getting service and l have MetroPCs!! The Wi-Fi calling works great way out in the country where no one has service. I just connect to my friends Wi-Fi and I'm golden. You can't even tell the difference!! Just read all the specs and info on this phone! You'll be impressed! Idk why anyone would give it a bad review. I've had nothing but good things to say about it!! And do some comparisons, based on price and what the phones do!! And if you get this phone expect to be playing with the pen drawing and drawing on pictures etc. for hours!! Oh and you can get a bunch of free really cool fonts on LG Smartworld!! Get this phone you won't be disappointed!! I've tried iPhones, Galaxy's etc and l still come back to LG's every time!!
  2. 2 years ago
    Love this phone!!
    I bought this phone strictly because it was in the price range I wanted to stay in and because I've had such good luck with my other LG products. I'm amazed at how much this phone can do and all of the conveniences that are built in without a hundred useless apps that some phones have built in. I'll be a year discovering all of the things this phone can do! So many features and quality for a great price!!
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  3. 2 years ago
    Great phone for the price.
    Just picked up this phone as a replacement for a Samsung Note 4. While the Stylo isn't as polished, it is a very nice upgrade from the Note 4. So far I am quite pleased as I am getting acclimated to using this phone. In my opinion LG should advertise this phone and perhaps refine some features, such as the camera, speakers and ram. This would make the Stylo 3 plus a true Note killer, however, like I said very good contender all ready. Good job LG, really impressive.
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  1. 1 month ago
    Nice Phone
    I like this phone. It feels solid and looks premium. It doesn't freeze up and the battery last a decent amount of time. I have had the phone for under 60 days and I'm getting a constant notification saying "moisture was detected in the charging port" and it will not charge at all. The phone hasn't been near water, and I don't even take it in the bathroom while I shower because of the moisture in there. I tried to find a fix, and from what all I've read so far this is a very common problem with ... read more the LG G6 and other LG phones. This is very upsetting. I wasn't going to ever buy an LG phone because of issues I've had with the Stylo 2 and 3, but I wanted to give them another shot and I felt like since it was a premium phone I wouldn't have any issues like I did with the Stylo's. If I have to send the phone in before I have had it for three months, I'm going to be angry...and it will certainly stop me from purchasing another LG product again. Don't let me down LG.
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  2. 2 weeks ago
    Sleek and stylish
    The phone was simple and easy to adapt to. With my other phone is took me a couple of weeks to become comfortable with the new features. This phone was so easy, much like my old phone only quicker. The picture quality is amazing. I would highly recommend this phone for price and style.
  3. 6 days ago
    Solid phone, but nothing exciting
    This phone was a no brainer for $30. Other than that, it's just an average phone. Screen is nice, but not top notch, performance is ok, camera is ok. This is all in comparison to a lg v20. Still all in all, best phone boost has to offer
  1. 1 month ago
    great smartphone for the price
    I recieved the phone a couple weeks ago and have had no major hiccups. It seemlessly syncs to my google accounts and as well as my other lg phone the lg stylo 4. It has decent internal storage and the display and sound quality are actually quite nice considering its a budget carrier branded phone.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Very impressive phone, nice price
    My last LG phone was my first ever smartphone but it was slow, cumbersome, unresponsive, and quirky. I compared budget phones and the Aristo 2 was a clear winner. The Aristo 2 is highly user customizable since it runs v7 of Android, it's very responsive, did not come pre-loaded with junkware, is very thin, takes awesome high resolution pictures and video, has a decent battery life, and the battery is user replaceable.
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  3. 1 year ago
    A Nice Small Phone
    I wanted a small and light phone and, in 2018, the Aristo 2 is smaller and lighter than most phones. I like its simple style and black finish which looks good with a black case. The Aristo 2 is a basic phone for phone calls, texting and emails and it does those things well. It lacks the processing muscle needed for advanced games so some games may have have issues. LG provides its own LG home page which I found difficult/impossible to use. Then I found that the traditional android home ... read more page which includes the app drawer was an option in the display settings. I then downloaded the 140 page pdf owner's manual which explains the many unique features of the Aristo 2. I like being able to just tap the screen to turn it off and on. The auto brightness setting keeps the screen a bit dim to preserve the battery. Outdoors I use the manual brightness slider to get a brighter screen. Battery life is adequate for a 12 hour day for just making phone calls and texting. Netflix videos and GPS navigation can drain the battery in three or four hours. Charging from 20% to 100% takes about two hours while the phone is still powered on. The rear camera focuses quickly and takes good photos outdoors and takes okay photos indoors with the flash turned off. The colors and contrast may be a bit muted compared with $700 flagship phones but people look good due to natural looking skin tones. Voices are clear using the rear speaker but music sounds a bit thin due to lack of bass.
  1. 4 weeks ago
    Look out Samsung and Apple!
    I've had a Samsung for over 6 years and I was way overdue for an upgrade. My previous phone, a note 4, was on its last leg. I looked and I researched 8 different phones. I keep going back to the Lg G7 thin Q. The features, look, battery life and the LG second year warranty had me sold. When I received the phone I immediately began to play with the features. I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work this phone. After a month, I'm still learning new things and features on the phone. ... read more Trust me, you can't go wrong with this phone. I'm so happy and I can't say enough good things about this phone. If you're thinking about getting the LG G7 or the LG G8, stop thinking about it and go get it.
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  2. 1 week ago
    Back to Happy!
    Several years ago I owned a LG 4 and loved it. When it came time to upgrade, my wife and two kids decided to go with Samsung phones. I ended up with a Galaxy S8+. While the phone was reliable, there were little things that were different from what I was used to with the LG 4. All was well until we were able to pay off the phone, after 2 years of monthly payments... All of a sudden, the phone wouldn't accept a charge and finally decided it was completely dead. I was totally unable to retrieve ... read more ANY data off of it. MY GALAXY S8+ WAS A BRICK!! It was time to go back to happy so I bought the LG G7 ThinQ and couldn't be happier!! It's been a week and boy, things are peachy now. It's taking a little getting used to (going back to an LG phone) but I AM HAPPY! Thank you! Tom WC
  3. 2 weeks ago
    Great everything honestly
    I bought it a couple weeks ago its a gorgeous phone fast snapdragon 845, the camera is very good quality I would of gotten the lg g8 but money was not on my side but this phone blew me away with all of the features it has and the fact it has a Hi dad makes it even better and also the Dtsx 3d surround sound thats awesome including the boombox speaker inside the phone it truly amplifys whatever your listening to and the screen is crisp and bright if im correct 1,000 nits which in other words you ... read more will not have trouble looking at this phone in direct sunlight at all.
  1. 6 months ago
    An Absolutely Underrated Line of Cell Phones
    Throughout the years I've owned various LG phones and have always been pleased. LG is just a well-rounded, quality line of phones. I've increasingly grown weary of the high end phones. Notches, loss of head-phone jack, bloatware and not to mention the exhorbitant prices have just turned me off. I came back to LG with the Stylo 3 plus and I loved that phone line so much I upgraded to the Stylo 4 when it came out. LG is really on to something with this line of phone. But, I'll be honest. The ... read more shorter and slightly slender in diameter stylo is a step backwards. The volume isn't as loud compared to the 3 plus as well. Other than that I'm happy. Still no notch and LG hasn't abandoned the headphone jack. The screen is beautiful. My two children have iPhones (8's I believe) and this screen looks every bit as good. I'd really like to see LG keep this line out and offer support for this line. Show us some love LG!!!
  2. 7 months ago
    decent phone
    I brought this phone as a christmas present though it was not the phone i was hoping to purchase . I use to love lg phones but some how they got more expensive and other brands were cheaper at times or i didnt like the style of the phone .so some of the specs are a downgrade from my privious phone . the back of the phone is nice if you ever need finger prints this the phone for that .both cameras are good and the battery last me the whole day pretty well, that speaker though works well for ... read more speaker phone but for videos seems like it can be louder .However i have yet been through all the apps on the phone so i have more exploring to do. hopefully by december of 2019 this phone will still work .why wasn`t this phone given a 4000 battery that would have been a world changing phone possibly . how about a different color options since yall made the phone a fingerprint magnet.
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  3. 7 months ago
    This is my 3rd or 4th LG device-THEY ARE GREAT!!!
    I'm completely sold on the many different ways in which LGE products make LIFE GOOD, actually GREAT... This is my 3rd LG phone and I have to admit that it's much smarter than I thought. The features are outstanding as always. Photo quality and ease of capturing stills and videos surpasses all... I love the huge screen, but hope to see the next Stylo include a larger diameter stylus. I purchased 2 of these phones because my husband and I both find aging to be a little more tolerable with the ... read more large screen. It nicely accommodates swollen, arthritic, fingers and using an external stylus that's larger than the one included assists our ability to easily see the keyboard as well as respond to the touch screen accurately. THANKS AGAIN LG FOR HELPING MAKE LIFE GREAT!
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