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LG Introduces Commercial Washers and Dryers for Coin, Card and On-Premise Laundry

LG Introduces Commercial Washers and Dryers for Coin, Card and On-Premise Laundry  

LAS VEGAS, June 6, 2011 – Redefining energy efficiency, performance and convenience for commercial laundry, LG Electronics today launched a new family of coin, card and on-premise laundry solutions at the Clean Show 2011 (booth 2293).  Building on its expertise as a global leader in consumer laundry, LG’s commercial washers and dryers incorporate innovative features and high performance in energy-efficient, durable designs. 

“With our new commercial washers and dryers, we’re bringing the innovation and expertise LG is known for in the consumer space to commercial laundry,” said Sam Kim, Appliance President, LG Electronics USA. “LG is the leading brand in residential front-load laundry in the United States, and these new commercial solutions offer facility owners an energy-efficient and easy-to-manage way to provide a best-in-class experience for their customers.”

Innovative Machines Deliver a Better Solution

Thanks to innovative designs and technology, LG’s commercial laundry offerings provide owners with versatility, ease-of-use and high performance.  Ideal for college dorms, apartment buildings, coin-operated and on-premise laundry venues, the washers and dryers are stackable, fitting interchangeably in the top or bottom position.  Property owners and building managers have the option to stack dryers on washers or dryers on dryers, which ever meets their individual needs. 

LG’s AdaptAble™ Control allows the owner to put the user controls at either the top or bottom of the unit, so both panels can be at eye level on stacked units.  For additional flexibility, the dryer door is reversible without extra parts.  This means that the machines can adapt to the owner’s space, rather than the space needing renovations to accommodate the machines.

Starting in late 2011, LG’s commercial laundry line will feature SmartDiagnosis™, an LG-pioneered technology, which allows technicians to efficiently troubleshoot mechanical issues over the phone, limiting service calls and visits. When a facility owner calls a distributor’s service center, a technician will instruct them to press a sequence of buttons on the laundry unit. This triggers a series of tones that lets the technician identify the issue and how to correct the problem. When a service visit is required, the field technician can come prepared with an understanding of the problem and the correct parts, enabling a complete repair in one visit.

Additional innovations designed to help owners provide a better customer experience include:

  • A smartphone/PDA link function that allows customers to remotely access information, such as a cycle’s remaining time.
  • An embossed inner drum, enabling more contact with fabric for great wash action and stain removal.
  • A NeverRust™ Stainless Wash Tub, eliminating the likelihood of paint chips entering the wash cycle and rust staining fabric during use. 


Laundry facility owners can rest assured that LG’s commercial laundry products are a long-term solution. LG’s commercial washers are designed to perform at least 20,000 cycles compared to the 4,000 cycles residential washers normally offer.* A key reason for this is the Inverter Direct Drive Motor, which reduces the number of required moving parts within the machine, and cuts down on the machines’ vibration and noise. 

Energy Efficiency

LG’s tradition of highly energy-efficient consumer laundry products translates to its commercial offerings as the washer is ENERGY STAR® qualified.  This means they are proven to save facility owners money by decreasing energy and water usage, and also deliver an efficient laundry option for their customers.  In typical commercial laundry systems, the speed a user selects is really only a reflection of the average drum speed, which varies from high to moderate.  The new washers incorporate LG’s inverter control system, which allows the drum to run at a constant speed, reducing wasted energy from continuous speed fluctuations.

LG’s commercial washers meet the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier 3 requirements, which recognize the most energy efficient commercial laundry machines in the market.  CEE specifications are determined using a combination of the Modified Energy Factor (MEF), energy consumption based on how many cubic feet of laundry can be washed and dried with one kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity, and Water Factor (WF), the number of gallons needed for each cubic foot of laundry. LG’s machines go beyond the set specifications for both metrics, which are 2.4 MEF and 4.0 WF, respectively. 

Building on LG’s initial successes in the U.S. commercial laundry market over the past two years, the company is broadening its channels of distribution for 2011, and the new commercial laundry products introduced at the Clean Show are expected to launch in North America in the second half of 2011. LG commercial laundry products also are available in Asia and Europe.

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Designs, features, services and specifications subject to change without notice.

*Based on internal testing in LG design labs, comparing LG’s consumer washers to its commercial washers.