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Press Release


LG Electronics demonstrates its state of the art IT technologies at the APEC forum

- LG Electronics had a designated area where viewers could experience IT technologies such as digital TVs, state of the art mobile phones, laptop PCs

- LG Electronics had a designated area where viewers could experience IT technologies such as digital TVs, state of the art mobile phones, laptop PCs

- Displayed a 102-inch plasma TV, a 71-inch gold-decorated plasma TV, the time machine TV among others

- LG Electronics prepared the DMB zone, a designated area which displays DMB products such as stylish satellite and terrestrial DMB phones and DMB laptops, for the viewers.

Seoul, November 14 -- At the 2005 APEC IT Exhibition, held at BEXCO in Pusan, Korea during November 15-21, LG Electronics (CEO: S. S. Kim / will showcase its cutting-edge technologies to APEC leaders, government officials and entrepreneurs.

The major products LG Electronics will be exhibiting are the world's largest 102-inch plasma TV, 71-inch gold-plated plasma TV, the time-machine TV, satellite and terrestrial DMB phones, and DMB laptops.

The exhibition will certainly allow LG Electronics to promote its high-tech image to APEC leaders and other major audiences.

* A line-up of full high-definition TVs such as the 102-inch plasma TV

The company will showcase the world's largest full HD plasma TVs with the 102-inch plasma TV to the 71-inch and 60-inch TVs. The 102-inch plasma TV offers full high-definition features with a 2.07 million-pixel 1,920*1,080 resolution, twice as large as existing HD TVs (1 million pixels 1,365*768 resolution).

The 102-inch plasma TV was developed at the company's A2 line towards the end of last year. The product on display at APEC was produced at the company's A3 line, which recently opened.

* 71-inch gold-plated plasma TV

The home theatre package including the 71-inch 24k gold-plated plasma TV and a terrestrial digital broadcast receiver features a Luxurious Gold Design, emphasizing the premium platinum image of LG Electronics.

* Time-machine TV

The time-machine TV features a 160 gigabyte hard disk, which is two to three times as large in capacity as ordinary PCs, allowing it to record and play 13 hours of HD broadcasts and 63 hours of SD broadcasts. This time-machine TV is the first of its kind in the world.

This product uses the time-machine function, which starts recording one hour of broadcasting when it turns on. This enables the viewer to pause live broadcasting for a while and then resume watching the program some time later, thus enhancing its value.

* 55-inch full HD LCD TV

The 55-inch full HD LCD TV, the world's first in the 50-inch range to be commercialized, was unveiled. Equipped with the XD Engine chip, it handles digital signals perfectly, and delivers a full HD resolution of 1920*1080(1080p).

* DMB phone and DMB laptop

The DMB zone features stylish terrestrial and satellite DBM phones. Also on display are time-machine DMB phones which are able to record a maximum of 60 minutes of DMB broadcasting, a 12.1-inch wireless Sonoma-based notebook PC (LW20) able to receive terrestrial DMB, among other DMB services that viewers were able to experience.

In particular, the LG-SB130/KB1300 satellite DMB phone, using its time-machine function, can record a maximum of 60 minutes of broadcasting, while the user talks on the phone. This feature is the first of its kind in the world.

The LW20 DMB notebook features a 12.1-inch wide LCD screen and 3-watt (1.5 watts X 2 speakers) high-powered stereo speakers, allowing it to serve as a mobile theatre.

Also, the LW20 DMB notebook, despite its small size at 12 inches, is equipped with a Pentium M 2.13-gigahertz CPU and a 1-gigabyte DDR2 memory chip, while featuring young-trendy high-polish blue designs. The LW20 DMB notebook boasts upgraded designs and performance.

In addition, LG Electronics showcased ten of its latest sophisticated devices, such as the one-million polygon 3D Game Phone, T-style satellite/terrestrial DMP Phone, super-small multitasking fashion Music Phone, 5-million-pixel digital camera phone, Up & Down Slide Phone, Navigation Phone, and 3D Real Game Phone, thus promoting its leadership in mobile phone technologies.

Moreover, the company will exhibit a super-small fashion Music Phone (LG-KP4700). With enhanced MP3 functions, the device's voice recognition function allows users to search songs and send short messages while listening to music, thus achieving multi-tasking.

The Music Phone, which comes in a necklace form, allows users to use it as a fashion item like a small MP3 player. Its large memory chip can store a maximum of 48 songs (4 megabytes per song). The phone also supports an external memory (T-Flash), thus maximizing scalability.

* Time-machine AV center

This home theatre features a digital broadcast-ready set-top box, a DVD recorder, and a 5.1 channel digital amplifier. It is equipped with a 200 gigabyte hard disk to record a maximum of 60 hours of broadcasting and 14 slots, allowing 14 memory cards to be mounted.

The home theatre allows users to watch and record broadcasts using the time-machine function. It also conveniences users with a variety of other features, such as Internet surfing, playing video games, movies, music, as well as displaying photos. It also features Picture by Picture where one screen shows TV broadcasting and the other Internet display, thus helping promote a new family culture.

When connected to the existing television in your living room, this product allows you to not only watch TV but also enjoy the time machine function, Internet and home theatre, doubling your TV usability.