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LG Electronics ignites Athens Olympics marketing

- Features a large LG logo on super-large ferries traveling to major tourist resorts

- Features a large LG logo on super-large ferries traveling to major tourist resorts
- Features painting technique-applied unique advertisements in Athens subways
- Deploys large billboards on roadsides leading from the airport to downtown Athens
- Endeavors to position LG as a premium brand in Greece


SEOUL, KOREA July 9, 2004 - LG Electronics is set to boost the LG brand in Athens, Greece, as it features its logo and advertising slogans on ferries, subways, and a road between Athens and the airport, in preparation for the Olympics.

LG Electronics officially sponsors two super-large ferries operating to Piraeus Port, dubbed entrance to Athens, and major Greek cities where various games will be held, featuring LG logo and phrases advertising its LCD TVs and mobile handsets. .

In addition, LG Electronics will display its PDP TVs, LCD TVs, refrigerators equipped with TV functions, camera phones and other premium products, in various parts of the ferries, advertising LG Electronics's sophisticated technology edge to vessel tourists during the Olympics.

Since Greece has its sea territory about three times as large as its land territory, super-large ferries will gain popularity from tourists to Athens during the Olympics, and thus LG Electronics estimates an advertising effect worth over USD30 million by sponsoring ferries during the Olympics.

Also, since early July, LG Electronics has been advertising itself in Athens' subway lines 2 and 3 by featuring its brand and advertisements of PDP TVs, camera phones, and refrigerators equipped with TV functions on the exterior of subway cars using painting techniques. LG Electronics expects to attract tourists' attention by featuring unique technique-applied advertisements on the 24-hour-running subway during the Olympics.

LG Electronics has installed large outdoor billboards on roadsides connecting downtown Athens with the airport. The large billboards, measuring 20m by 8m, advertise LG Electronics's 76-inch Plasma TV and its sophisticated camera hone, alluring tourists who throng to Athens to watch the Olympics.

During the Athens Olympics, LG Electronics will also officially sponsor Mexico's Olympics Organizing Committee, China's national ping-pong team, and Iraq's national soccer team, featuring LG logo on players' training and official uniforms and official training uniforms.

H. J. Park, President of LG Electronics's Greece subsidiary, said, "LG Electronics, using a unique advertising method of utilizing transportation means in Greece, is endeavoring to boost LG brand image through the Olympics event. Together with such Olympics marketing, LG Electronics, in tandem with the Greek Orthodox Church, will conduct various charity campaigns, thus positioning itself as a premium brand."

LG Electronics established a subsidiary in Athens, Greece, in 2002, in preparation for the Olympics, the first domestic electronics company of its kind. This year, its sales in TVs, monitors and mobile handsets, have surged 200% year-on-year in the second quarter.