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'Life's Good' Advertising Campaign Gears Up for 2004 with

'Life's Good' Advertising Campaign Gears Up for 2004 with
Unveiling of Interactive LED Billboard in Times Square and a
Sneak Peak at 2004 Product Innovations

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2003 - In a high-profile move to underscore its growing presence in the U.S. marketplace, LG Electronics, a leading global consumer electronics company, today unveiled its 2004 U.S. branding strategy at an exclusive event in Times Square.

In addition to discussing how the company will promote its brand during 2004, LG executives spotlighted an exciting lineup of digital product innovations in each of its major product categories - digital displays, digital appliances and mobile phones, including the U.S. unveiling of a 76-inch plasma television, the largest in the world.

The event culminated with the illumination of LG's new, $10 million New York billboard, an interactive light-emitting diode (LED) screen which is the brightest, largest and most technologically advanced billboard in Times Square, measuring 50 feet high and 84 feet wide. LG's sign, which is fully automated, interactive and wired for real-time communication, is a highly visible symbol of the company's expanding U.S. focus for growth. The billboard also will feature "slice of life" vignettes featuring LG products, consumers interacting with LG products, and New Yorkers using LG products. These creative segments will support the new branding campaign theme: "LG: Life's Good."

LG Electronics is investing more than $100 million in 2004 to aggressively promote its brand as part of its first U.S. national branding campaign, which launches in the first quarter of 2004. The campaign and billboard are part of a number of exciting marketing and brand-building initiatives the company will be pursuing in 2004 to reinforce its emerging status as a leader in developing "smart luxury," cutting-edge digital display, appliance and mobile phone products.

"The 'Life's Good' theme embodies LG's dedication to developing leading-edge technologies that enhance the way we live, work and interact with each other," said T.J. Lee, president and CEO of LG Electronics USA, Inc. "From the new billboard to high-profile sponsorships to a compelling new print ad and TV campaign, we are positioning LG as a luxury brand. Most importantly, the products deliver on the brand promise," he said.

The Times Square event coincides with the launch of the LG brand in the digital video display and media categories in the United States. Already a top-tier player in plasma, liquid crystal display (LCD) and digital television around the world, LG is staging a dramatic debut in the United States, the world's largest digital market. Exemplifying its technology leadership, LG showed the 76-inch PDP for the first time in the United States today.

"LG has made a significant investment in the digital video display and media categories - from research and development to production. To achieve our goal of becoming one of the top three electronics and information and communications companies in the world, we must be successful in the U.S. market," Lee said. "Our commitment to building the LG brand in the U.S. should be seen as an acknowledgement that the U.S. market for digital video displays is the world's most important - especially over the next few years as consumers will be increasingly moving to digital high-definition and flat-screen televisions."

Other 2004 LG Electronics brand-building initiatives include Presenting Sponsorship at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, where the company's products, including the latest PDP and LCD displays for movie viewing, will be prominently displayed at high-profile venues. LG Mobile Phones will be the wireless provider during the 10-day event.

LG Mobile Phones also has recently announced a five-year, multi-million dollar deal and marketing campaign behind the all-new "LG Action Sports Championships," season-ending competitions for skateboarding, freestyle BMX, freestyle motocross and inline skating.

Significantly, the company has relaunched the historic Wiltern Theater, one of southern California's most beautiful art deco performance venues. Restored through underwriting by LG Electronics, the theater has been renamed the Wiltern LG Theater, and features the company's most exciting new digital display technology.

"The vision for LG and its products is one of convergence, in which all LG-branded products work together to create a connected lifestyle - helping to ensure that through technology, life can be very good indeed," said Lee. Many of the products highlighted at the Times Square event will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month, along with other new, exciting innovations from each of LG Electronics' business units.

LG Electronics, Inc. (Korea Stock Exchange: 6657.KS) was established in'58 as the pioneer in the Korean consumer electronics market. The company is a global force in electronics, information and communications products with more than 64,000 employees working in 76 overseas subsidiaries and marketing units around the world. LG Electronics comprises' three primary business companies: Digital Display & Media, Digital Appliance, and Telecommunication Equipment & Handset. LG Electronics' goal is to enable the intelligent networking of digital products that will make consumers' lives better than ever. For more information, please visit