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World Leader in Room Air Conditioners Introduces Ultra-Quiet, Energy-Efficient Units for Hotel Rooms

World Leader in Room Air Conditioners Introduces Ultra-Quiet, Energy-Efficient Units for Hotel Rooms

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2005 - LG Electronics, the world's leading manufacturer of room air conditioners, is introducing a series of high-end duct-less 'Art Cool' models, packaged- terminal systems and through-the-wall units for hotels and resorts.

Demonstrated to hoteliers for the first time this week at the International Hotel/ Motel & Restaurant Show, the LG Electronics air conditioner units combine the quiet operation and energy efficiency that the lodging industry is seeking, according to Hank Choi, senior manager, Digital Appliances, LG Electronics USA, Inc.

"Bringing our advanced air conditioner technology to the hospitality industry builds on LG Electronics' position both as the largest supplier of residential air conditioner units and as a leading supplier of commercial units to other manufacturers," Choi said. The launch at the hotel trade show also complements LG's broad line-up of in-room flat-panel LCD and plasma HDTVs developed for the lodging industry.

LG ART COOL SYSTEMS. Ideal for premium properties seeking duct-less air conditioning systems are LG's Art Cool mini-split, single-zone and multi-zone units. Replacing the big, ugly white boxes common in duct-less AC systems, these sleek, hang-on-the-wall units combine form and function in an array of designer fronts  from rich cherry and contemporary white wood finishes to blue and metallic finishes, even Impressionist artwork.

Available in 9,000-, 12,000- 14,000- and 18,000-BTU versions, LG Art Cool air conditioners deliver ultra-quiet operation. Features include three-way cooling, jet cool and dehumidifier modes, evaporator frost control, 24-hour on-off timer, plasma air-purifying system or antibacterial filters. Digital temperature display appears both on the wireless remote control and on the front of the unit.

These duct-less systems connect simply with copper tubing and low-voltage wiring to the compact exterior unit, which has sufficient refrigerant for charging the indoor coil.

LG PTAC SYSTEMS. With more than 90,000 LG Electronics-built packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) units already deployed to hotels under other brand names, four new LG-brand PTAC systems range from 7,000- to 15,000-BTU units with energy efficiency ratios up to 12.7. Four heat-pump models share similar specifications.

LG PTAC units provide extremely low decibel-level operation, both from indoor fan noise and outdoor noise. Features include a digital temperature display on the unit, temperature limit dip switch, auto restart, evaporator frost control and energy saver mode. Gold-Fin anti-corrosive treatment covers the outdoor surface. Connections for wall- thermostat and front-desk controls are available.

LG THROUGH-THE-WALL SYSTEMS. In addition, LG's new through-the-wall air conditioners include six cooling-only models from 8,000 to 13,200 BTUs with energy efficiency ratios up to 9.6, and two heat/cool (10,000- and 11,700-BTU) units with 9.4 energy-efficiency ratios. Industry-standard size (26 x 16 inches) cabinets house digital controls, cooling-fan-dehumidifier modes, evaporator frost control, auto restart, auto sleep mode and wireless remote control

ABOUT LG ELECTRONICS USA. LG Electronics USA, Inc. (LGEUS), based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a $38-billion global force in consumer electronics, information technology and communications products. LGEUS comprises four core business areas: consumer electronics, mobile phones, home appliances and information technology products, all marketed under its "LG: Life's Good" theme. For more information, please visit