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LG Electronics wins CDMA Industry Achievement Awards in North America for its world's first commercialized Fastap mobile phone

- 3G CDMA Industry Achievements Awards in the category of mobile handsets was presented by CDMA Development Group (CDG), the largest group of its kind in the world

- 3G CDMA Industry Achievements Awards in the category of mobile handsets was presented by CDMA Development Group (CDG), the largest group of its kind in the world
- LGE successfully commercialized world's first Fastap mobile phone, LG-VX6190, featuring a Fastap alphabetic keyboard, thus boosting user convenience remarkably compared to the existing the QWERTY keyboard-based handset.
- CDG membership companies, the media and analysts selected the winner, providing a momentum for LGE to be accepted as a major mobile phone brand in the U.S. market.
- LGE stroke a deal to supply the LG-VX6190 model to Telus of Canada, thus allowing it to make inroads into the global innovative mobile handset market and continue its solid No. 1 spot in North America's CDMA mobile handset market.

LG Electronics successfully began supplying world's first commercialized Fastap mobile handsets to the North American market. The company also received CDMA Industry Achievement Awards from CDMA Development Group (CDG). This is highlighting LG Electronics as a worldwide cutting-edge mobile handset brand.

LG Electronics (CEO: S. S. Kim / received 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards 2005 at CDMA Americas Congress held in Miami in the United States. The awards are presented by CDG, a worldwide CDMA group, to companies that have accomplished great achievement in the category of CDMA mobile devices.

The awards-winning product is world's first Fastap mobile handset, CX6190, which LG Electronics began supplying last year to the Canadian market, allows users to type messages on the keyboard much easier compared to existing mobile handsets.

The Fastap mobile phone features a combination of alphabetic and numeric keypads with the alphabetic keyboard arranged around the numeric keyboard and raised a little higher than the latter. Fastap keypads can be fitted even in small regular handsets.

Early last November, LG Electronics developed a folder-style Fastap mobile phone, CX6190, allowing users to type messages on Fastap keypads with ease using one hand, the first of its kind in the world. The company is now supplying the model to Telus, Canada's top telecommunication company.

The Fastap mobile phone CX6190 allows users to type numbers and alphabets on keypads using one hand, thus boosting the convenience of usage compared to the standard alphabetic keyboard QWERTY-based mobile phones.

Meanwhile, launched in 1993, CDG is comprised of CDMA equipment/handsets manufacturers, CDMA service operators, and test equipment. CDG is responsible for publicizing CDMA technologies and publishing recommendations on various standards, among other work. CDG is also the largest body of its kind to represent the interests of CDMA-related parties in various mobile communication standardization organizations such as ITU, 3GPP, and OMA.

In particular, CDG member companies, various mobile-related media and analysts selected the award winner, thus allowing LG Electronics to be recognized as a company with cutting-edge technologies and as a solid major brand in the U.S. mobile handset market.

Also, significantly, the CDG awards-winning world's first commercialized Fastap mobile phone allowed LG Electronics to highlight its feat in this category in the international community. The Fastap mobile phone, which is being supplied in North America's mobile phone market, has been upgraded a notch from the existing QWERTY handset. Emerging as a major player in the category of Fastap folder handsets, LG Electronics is expected to boost its position further.

President Park Mun-hwa of LG Electronics' Mobile Communication Company said, "There is an increasing need for short message service in North America's mobile phone market. LG Electronics is striving to unveil cutting-edge mobile handsets with enhanced convenience of user, including Fastap mobile handsets, ahead of competitors, thus taking a fresh leap forward."

:: CDG(CDMA Development Group)

CDG( is an international consortium comprised of CDMA technology-based equipment manufacturers and service providers around the world. CDG aims to share technical standards and core technologies among members to push for CDMA technological evolution and expansion of CDMA. It thus strives to meet demands of global communication markets in new information environments.
Founded in August 1994 with an initial membership of 17 companies, CDG increased its membership to some 110 in 2001 as a growing number of companies are adopting CDMA technologies, thus boosting its influential power. Since 1999, CDG has been presenting CDMA Industry Achievement Awards every year to nations and corporations that have contributed to the development of CDMA technologies.

:: Fastap Mobile Phone

The Fastap mobile phone combines both numeric and alphabetic keyboards, allowing users to enter all numbers and alphabets with ease using a single tap. The Fastap mobile phone features alphabetic keys around numeric keys and raised a little higher than the latter. Thus, Fastap keypads are available in a small space of a regular mobile handset.

LG Electronics VX6190, world's first commercialized Fastap mobile phone, was adopted last fall by CDMA mobile carrier Telus of Canada. The model is now gaining popularity in the market.

Also, VX6190 allows users to use various instant messaging services such as AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo messengers, as well as short message service and emails, through its wide screen, increasing the ease and convenience of usage. It is increasingly growing popular among young people.

:: QWERTY Mobile Phone

The QWERTY mobile phone features the standard alphabetic keyboard QWERTY, named for the top left six keys presenting Q, W, E, R, T, and Y. The conventional QWERTY keyboard is also used as a standard in computer keyboards.

Meanwhile, in February 2005, LG Electronics began supplying the QWERTY mobile phone LG-F9100 to the U.S. largest mobile carrier, Cingular. LG-F9100 features a QWERTY keyboard at the right side to slide out. In recognition of its innovative designs, the model won iF Design Awards from the global authoritative International Forum Design (iF) of Germany, thus receiving spotlights from around the world.

:: Short Message Service in North America

In North America, people used message service less frequently, compared to other regions around the world. Reportedly, last year, two-thirds of 182 million American mobile phone subscribers had no experience in using short message service via handsets. However, 71% of mobile phone users in Europe use short message service, and also every mobile phone subscriber in China writes 651 short messages on average in short message service.

Lower usage rates of short message service in North America are ascribed to the fact that mobile users have to shoulder additional charges.

However, in recent 1-2 years, the United States is apparently changing. According to U.S. CITA, the number of mobile short messages reached 4.7 billion last December alone, nearly 20 times the number recorded in December 2001 when it reached 253 million messages. With short message service increasing sales rapidly, mobile carriers forecast that the short message service market will grow from USD2.5 billion last year to USD4.3 billion next year.

Sales in short message service in the United States are increasingly growing, because a growing number of Americans recognize that they can use short message service more conveniently in public places compared to voice communication, that they can use it more privately than they do emails, and that they can access messages anywhere.