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Public Notices

General Public Notices

LG Electronics and Waste Management: The LG Electronics Recycling Program


LG Electronics has partnered with Waste Management Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary WM Recycle America, LLC, to establish the LG Electronics Recycling Program. Waste Management will act as the collection, transportation and recycling contractor for the national LG Electronics Recycling Program. The LG Electronics Recycling Program provides consumers with a free and convenient way of recycling their used, unwanted, obsolete or damaged LG consumer electronic products by dropping them off at a designated Waste Management eCycling Center. Waste Management currently has over 200 designated drop-off sites across the United States; the number of sites will continue to be expanded over time.

Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia and Maine residents: Click here

 Find a drop-off location:

Click here to find a location near you or

- Call Waste Management Customer Service: toll free 1-877-439-2795

For further information, call LG Customer Service: toll free 1-866-372-2928 

Program Coverage

Products covered by the LG Electronics Recycling Program include LG, Zenith and GoldStar brands of televisions, monitors, audio equipment, video cassette players and recorders, DVD players and recorders, combination TV/VCR and TV/DVD units, set top boxes and accessories associated with those products. Consumers may drop off up to 5 LG-branded items at a time. There is no fee to consumers for the covered LG-brand products; other brands will be accepted, but a fee may be charged by Waste Management for non-LG brands.

Cell phones, GPS devices and their accessories are covered by a separate program but may be dropped off at any of the WM Recycle America eCycling Centers or may be mailed to LG's recycler postage free. Any cell phone, GPS and PDA devices, regardless of brand, are accepted. Appliances are not included in the LG-Waste Management program but are covered by other take back and recycling programs.

Individual Producer Responsibility

The concept of Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR), simply put, means that brand owners should take back and recycle their brands of products. LG Electronics embraces IPR programs that go beyond requirements of many state and local programs. Take-back and recycling programs based on IPR provide incentives to manufacturers (or brand owners) to design their products to be more easily recycled. That is why LG Electronics chose Waste Management Recycle America in its U.S. national consumer electronics recycling program: such a program allows LG Electronics to take back its own brands and learn from the recycling process.

Learn more about IPR:

Learn about Eco-design of LG products:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Cell phone recycling programs

Are cell phones and other handheld devices included in the LG-WM program?

Cell phones, GPS and PDA products are covered by a separate LG recycling program. A postage-free mailing label may be printed from the LG Mobile Communications website (see below for link). You may send any brand of cell phone, GPS or PDA product to LG's recycler free of charge. Just go to the LG Mobile Communications website, follow the instructions and print out the postage-free label to affix to the box. You may also drop off your cell phone, GPS unit or PDA device at any one of the WM eCycling Centers, where they will be collected and shipped to LG's recycler. LG Electronics and WM will be running collection events for consumer electronics and will also accept any brand of cell phone, GPS and PDA at those events. Also, LG Electronics MobileComm will be running special collection events - keep an eye on the LG Electronics MobileComm and LG Electronics USA websites for a schedule of events.

Additional cell phone, GPS and PDA recycling information:
LG Mobile Recycle Program

What do I do with my rechargeable lithium ion batteries?

LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A. Inc. currently has a contract to recycle LG-brand lithium ion batteries with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation, a non-profit public service organization. If your battery is non-working, you should drop off the battery at one of RBRC's retailer collection sites or you may mail it to them. If you have a working cell phone that you wish to send postage-free to LG's recycler, make sure you fully discharge the battery (leave the cell phone on until it has no charge remaining) and turn the phone off before placing it in a box. Any brand of cell phone may be shipped to LG's recycler free of charge.

Recycling information on non-working rechargeable lithium ion batteries: or call toll free 877-723-1927.

Cell phone recycling information:
LG Mobile Recycle Program  


Appliance recycling programs

What do I do with my unwanted appliances?

First, you should check with your electric utility to see if a bounty program is offered in your area (they may offer you a rebate to replace your old, inefficient appliance). Since some bounty programs have required specifications for appliances (e.g., must be in working condition, of a minimum vintage and/or dimension), you may also need to confirm that your appliance is acceptable. If you are buying a new appliance, check with your retailer to see if they offer to remove your old appliance when they deliver the new one. According to the Appliance Recycling Information Center (ARIC), about 97% of retailers will remove your old appliance when they install a new appliance. Many municipalities schedule pick-up or drop-off dates or allow consumers to drop off their unwanted appliances at a municipal site. Local scrap dealers may pick up your appliance for free or you may have to pay a nominal fee.

Appliance recycling information:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers 
Earth 911

What happens to my old product after I drop it off?

Waste Management will collect LG-brand products, transport them to one of their U.S. regional recycling centers and break the product down into saleable commodities such as plastics, metals and glass. Downstream vendors will further process the commodities into reusable forms and new products will be made from the recovered materials. LG Electronics hopes to incorporate some of those recovered materials back into its own products.

Why did LG develop the LG Electronics Recycling Program?

There has been fantastic growth in the electronics industry over the last few decades. LG Electronics has benefited from that market success. But we realize that consumers are left with few options for disposal when their electronic products are broken, obsolete or unwanted. Recycling prevents usable commodities from going into landfills, reduces the need for extraction or production of new materials and saves energy. So we see this as an opportunity to provide a service to our customers as well as a means to make our manufacturing more sustainable. LG Electronics is committed to responsible product stewardship; we think manufacturers should offer to take-back and recycle their own products, and our alliance with Waste Management allows us to do just that.