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Your First Wash

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Know Your Front Load Washer
Your First Wash, Step-by-Step

Know your Front Load Washer

You're now a front load washer owner, so welcome to a new world of laundry possibilities. As you'll soon find out, there are a lot of differences between your new washer and the washer you grew up with.

The Basics:
Older machines were usually top loaders. Front loaders are more recent. They more efficiently use water and energy to achieve the same results. Now you know why all laundromats use front loaders
With most top loaders, you simply put in clothes, add detergent, and close the lid. Front loaders are just as simple, but have many advanced features and specialty cycles to help clean clothes more gently and make them last longer.
When it comes to efficiency:
You might have noticed that your front load doesn't have that bulky piece, called an agitator, in the middle of the drum. That means more room for more clothes and less loads.
When it comes to space:
Because the door is located in the front, most front load washers can be stacked with a dryer to give you more flexibility.
When it comes to innovation:
LG front load washers have many innovative features, like our unique 6Motion™ Technology. It combines up to 6 different wash motions in one cycle for better cleaning, while being gentle on fabrics. See for yourself.

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Your First Wash, Step-by-Step

Step 1.

Sort laundry and load the washer.
Different fabrics have different needs. For best results,
sort clothes into loads that can be washed with the
same wash cycle. Click here to learn everything about
wash cycles.

Step 2.

Put in detergent.
Open the dispenser drawer and add detergent to the main
wash compartment. If needed, add bleach and fabric softener.

Step 3.

Turn on the washer.
Press the ON/OFF button. The lights around the selector knob
should illuminate.

Step 4.

Select a cycle.
Use the knob to choose a cycle. The display will show the preset
wash/rinse temperature, spin speed, soil level, and all the option
settings for that cycle.

Step 5.

Select cycle setting.
Now you can change the settings for the chosen cycle.
Simply press the option button(s) to see the additional settings available for each option. Press the button again to cycle through the settings until you find the setting you're looking for. To protect your clothes, not every wash/rinse temperature, spin speed, soil level, or option is available with every cycle.

Step 6.

Select cycle options.
It's time to add any additional cycle options, like STEAM, DELAY WASH or COLDWASH. All you have to do is to press the button for the chosen option or press OPTION to see more cycle alternatives.

Step 7.

Begin cycle.
Press the START/PAUSE button and cycle will
begin. You can pause the cycle at any time by
pressing the START/PAUSE button again.

Step 8.

Check cycle time.
Once you close the door and press the START/PAUSE button, the door will latch, the washer will calculate the estimated time remaining, and the washer will start. Now that you have your first wash completed, you're ready to enjoy years of clean clothes.