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connect to LG Smart TV services

If you've activated LG Smart TV, the next thing you'll want to
do is tap into the limitless entertainment and services we
have to offer. Some services require subscriptions, while
others require registration or nothing at all. Have a look at
what LG Smart TV has to offer and we'll let you know what
you need to do to get it.

Available Services


Make the most of instant streaming movies from Netflix. Watch instantly, anytime you want, as often as you want. You can sit back and enjoy unlimited instant access to thousands of TV episodes and movies* on Netflix, streamed directly to your LG Smart TV. No late fees. No due dates. This is entertainment that's easy to love.

*The majority of movies and TV episodes appear in standard definition, and many selections are not new releases.

To access streaming movies from Netflix, an unlimited membership is required and sold separately. Go to to sign up and then get an activation code by selecting NETFLIX in your LG Smart TV Home Dashboard.

Exclusive LG Apps and services

Enjoy LG apps designed for LG Smart TV, as well as services you know like Twitter and Facebook. Want to check the weather in your neighborhood? Check a horoscope? Or just play awesome games right on your TV? LG Smart TV has all kinds of apps, from education to news and entertainment.

Want LG Apps?
Simply select "TV Apps" with your remote on the Smart TV Home Dashboard, and follow the setup instructions. After that, it's yours to use whenever you want.


You know that video on YouTube that your friend sent you? Now you can watch that, and everything else on YouTube, right on the TV in your living room.

Want YouTube?
If you've activated LG Smart TV and have an active Internet connection, you're ready to go. All Smart TV-capable LG home entertainment devices give users unlimited and direct access to millions of web videos on YouTube.


If you want major studio releases in Full HD 1080p and Dolby Digital Plus sound, Vudu is the only place you'll find them right now. With thousands of HD titles available, and many in their unrivaled 1080p HDX format, Vudu has the largest selection of HD anywhere.

Want Vudu?
No subscription is required. All you need to do to access Vudu is register at Once that's complete, you simply pay for movies as you watch them.

Hulu Plus

Get exclusive streaming access to full seasons on current shows and old favorites with a Hulu Plus subscription. Hulu Plus also features critically acclaimed movies, and brings them all to you in High Definition. Hulu Plus is also available on many smartphones and computers, all of which you can access with the same Hulu Plus subscription for your LG Smart TV.

Want Hulu Plus?
Simply visit Hulu Plus at to register, and activate your subscription. In a few short minutes you'll be viewing your favorite seasons of your favorite primetime shows.


Now, Hollywood's latest hits can be viewed anytime you want. With CinemaNow, LG consumers can get instant access to pay-per-view movies from major studios. Find movies of every genre, along with broadcast and cable television programs. The entire premium content catalogue can be browsed directly, and selections can be watched instantly.

Want CinemaNow?
No subscription is required. All you need to do to access CinemaNow is register at Once that's complete, you simply pay for movies as you watch them.