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Not that you would take a mop to your television, but thereare definitely ways to, and ways not to, clean it properly. All the tips you should need are below. Cleaning the screen
Cleaning the frame and body

Cleaning the screen

Firmware updates don’t happen frequently, so you should be fine checking for updates every other month.


1. To be safe, unplug your television before cleaning.

2. Wet a soft cloth in a mixture of lukewarm water, and a little liquid fabric softener or dishwashing detergent.

3. Wring the cloth until it's almost dry, and then use it to wipe the screen.

4. Make sure the excess water is off the screen, and then let it air-dry before you turn on your TV.


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Cleaning the frame and body

For removing dust and dirt from the rest of your television, we recommend a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Never use a wet cloth on these portions of the television.

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