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The TV & Movies App is the simplest way to find shows and movies to watch instantly. In addition to live TV, you can browse and search for video on demand options, and filter results by price (Free vs. All) and streaming quality (HD vs. All).

TV & Movies also lets you:
  • Access content from your Netflix account if you are a subscriber
  • Access content from HBOGo if you are a subscriber
  • Access web video content from 100+ web domains
  • Access Video On Demand (VOD) rentals on Amazon and YouTube



Now you’re ready! Press the HOME key, and select TV & MOVIES to start using all of these great features.

Explore the TV & Movies App Home Screen

Roll over the buttons on the TV & Movies home screen below to see what they do.

Clicking “LIVE” let’s you see all available TV channels listed. It shows programming that’s on right now, the time remaining for each program, and scheduling for one hour from now.

Use the “WHEEL” on your remote to scroll through TV choices or press the up/down navigation arrows.

For free TV on demand, click on “FREE TV” for classic episodes and the best in new programming, all broken down by season.

“MOVIES” accesses hundreds of free movie choices, plus the biggest hits, on-demand to rent or purchase and download into your movie library.


To watch content from Netflix, HBOGo and other similar subscription services, you will first need to log into your subscription account on your LG Google TV and enter your account information and password. This will sync your service subscription account with your Google TV and allow you to access the content on your television.

Occasionally, you may encounter content and apps that have been blocked, or are not optimized for Google TV. If you see this message on your screen, contact the service provider or app developer to inquire about availability.

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