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The Power of Steam

It wouldn't be surprising if this was your first washer with steam. Steam offers you advantages from the reduction of allergens to gentle washes that should save you some trips to the dry cleaner. This section will help you get familiar with some of the most helpful benefits that steam provides.

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Steam Cleaning
SteamWash™ Benefits
How to use the steam features


Household allergens, like pet dander and dust mites, can collect on clothes and outlast conventional washes. LG's steam-enhanced Allergiene™ cycle is certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, and can remove over 95% of household allergens. The cycle uses the intense heat of steam to wash things that accumulate dust—like pillow covers, and bed sheets—or items that deserve special care—like baby clothes and undergarments. Now doing the laundry can save you some sniffles.

Steam Cleaning

There's no clean like a steam clean. Our steam technology gently but powerfully penetrates fabrics to virtually eliminate dirt, odors and wrinkles. Now you get the cleaning benefits of a super-hot wash without the high energy usage and potential clothing damage. Discover the benefits of all our steam cycles: Tub Clean, Allergiene™, Sanitary, BrightWhites™, Bulky/Large, Cotton/Normal and Heavy Duty.


1. Turn on the washer and turn the cycle selector knob
    to select a cycle with the STEAM option.
2. Press the STEAM button and the washer will
    automatically adjust the cycle settings.
3. Set any other option.
4. Press the START/PAUSE button.


During steam cycles, the door can become very hot.

Don't touch the door, try to override the lock mechanism,
or reach into the washer during a steam cycle.

Always allow the door lock to release before opening
the door.

Steam is not visible because the inside temperature of the drum is
approximately the same temperature as the steam itself. So a visible
vapor cannot be seen as it exits the steam nozzle.

Do not use steam with delicates such as wool, silk or easily
discolored fabrics.

SteamWash™ Benefits

  1. Steam technology provides powerful, yet gentle steam.
  2. Advanced cleaning performance.
  3. Bright whites.
  4. Vibrant colors.
  5. Helps to lift out and remove stubborn stains even without pre-treating clothing.




How to perform a steam wash.

1.     Press power
2.     Select the cycle. NOTE: Cycles that support steam are outlined in red above
3.     Press the steam button.
4.     Press start to begin the wash cycle