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Troubleshooting Dishwashers Last Updated 05/10/2016
AE & E1 Error Code - Dishwasher

E1 or AE Error Code - Dishwasher

E1 or AE Error Code means that there could be a leak on the unit. Often times these leaks are a result of improper installation, detergent or improper loading.

  1. Installation

    The dishwasher should be installed under your kitchen cabinet with the drain hose usually going through the side wall of the cabinet and then to its final connection, either a disposal, air gap or just the drain line.

    If you open the cabinet under the sink, can you see the drain that connects to the dishwasher coming through?

    Yes No
  2. Is there a high loop on the drain hose prior to the connection to the Disposal or drain pipe, and does it go all the way to the top of the cabinet?

    There is a high loop that goes to the top No loop or it doesn't reach the top
  3. If you are unable to see the drain line, you will need to determine where the drain line is going into.

    If it's going straight down through the floor, this will cause issues and it’s the incorrect installation.

    You will need to contact the installer and request for them to come back and install the unit correctly.

  4. Note: if the unit is draining into an Air Gap, there will be no need for a loop.

    By any chance is the drain hose going into an Air Gap?

    Yes No
  5. Leveling

    Note:You will require a leveler for the next step.

    If the dishwasher is higher in the front than the back, water can get trapped in the dishwasher and cause the unit to signal that the unit is leaking or does not have enough water.

    Please remove the lower rack and place the level on either side of the track where the lower rack fits into.

    Is the bubble in the center or is it off?

    Bubble of leveler in Center Bubble not centered (unit not level)
  6. It seems then that the installers failed to properly installed the unit and loop the drain hose the required min 20" loop from the bottom of the interior cabinet floor.

    We would recommend that you call the person or company that installed it so they can correct this.

  7. Good, now let's try the opposite side and again let me know if the bubble is in the center or is it off? Bubble of leveler in Center Bubble not centered (unit not level)
  8. It seems that the issue is been caused by the unit not been properly leveled.

    Recheck the leveler to see if the bubble is in the center and proceed to the next step.

  9. Detergent

    Use ONLY automatic dishwasher detergent. If using dishwashing soap, for hand-washing dishes in the sink, the dishwasher will fill with suds and cause an E1 or AE error.

    Most cycles only suggest filling the dispenser box 1/2 - 3/4 full, refer to owner's manual for model specific suggestions.

    Are any large bowls or dishes turned upright and holding a large amount of water?

    Yes No
  10. Trapped water may cause the unit to think there is a leak; load dishes so they do not get turned over.

  11. It looks like you are doing everything right…

    If the AE or E1 error code persists, we recommend to use our Repair Service.

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