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Detergent / Additive Usage - Front Load Washer

Operation Washer Dryer Combos, Washers Last Updated 08/20/2015

LG front load washers operate differently than top load type washers. Front loaders are designed to be gentler on clothing, use less water per load, and extract more water during the spin cycle than a conventional top loader. Because of these differences, a High Efficiency detergent must be used.

Some important tips to remember regarding detergent usage:

  • Use ONLY HE (High Efficiency) detergent.
  • If using a concentrated detergent, use a reduced amount.
  • All-in-one detergent packs are not recommended.
  • Laundry boosters and additives can be used, but only if they're recommended for high efficiency machines.

HE detergent is designed specifically for use in high effeciency washers. HE detergents are low-sudsing and quick dispersing. They have athe appropriate amount of soil suspending ingredients for the amount of water used so that soil is not being re-deposited onto the clothing.

The amount of detergent that should be used depends on the load size, soil level of the clothing, and how soft the water being supplied to the home is. Depending on these factors, amounts can vary from the amount recommended on the bottle of HE detergent to as little as two tablespoons. Start with the recommended amount and if suds are seen inside the washer, reduce the amount of detergent used on the next load.

The HE detergent should only be added to the main wash compartment.

If the thickness of any additives being used such as fabric softener or bleach is high, dilute the additives with water half and half. Use only liquid fabric softener and only add it in the softener dispenser. Bleach should only be added in the bleach dispenser. Do not exceed the max fill line in any of the compartments.

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