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OE Error Code - Front Load Washer

Troubleshooting Washers Last Updated 08/20/2015

An OE error code indicates that the washer was unable to drain the water. The main causes for this error code are a kinked drain hose, a clogged drain pump filter, or a problem with the drain pump itself.

A kinked drain hose will prevent the water inside the wash tub from draining properly, causing an OE code to appear on the washer's display. Check behind the washer to be sure that the drain hose is not kinked. Run a spin cycle again if any kinks in the drain hose were straightened.

A clogged drain pump filter is one of the main causes of an OE error code appearing on your washer's display.

  1. Press the POWER button to turn the washing machine off and remove the plug from the outlet.

  2. Open the drain pump filter cover.

  3. Unclip the drain hose and remove the plug from the drain hose to drain the water remaining inside the wash tub. Drain the excess water into a small bowl or shallow pan.

  4. After all the remaining water has drained from the drain hose, twist the pump filter counterclockwise to remove from the washer.

  5. Clean the pump filter and filter opening with a soft-bristled brush and warm water.

  6. Place the cap back into the drain hose and reattach the hose to the washer.

  7. Insert the drain pump filter back into the washing machine, making sure it is inserted securely. Close the drain pump filter cover.

  8. Run a new cycle to see if the OE code has been cleared. If the OE code appears again, the unit may require repair service.

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