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Inlet Hose Installation - Front Load Washer

Installation Washers Last Updated 08/27/2015

Always use new hoses when installing your front load washer. DO NOT reuse old hoses. Use only the inlet hoses provided by LG with your front load washer. Aftermarket hoses are not guaranteed to function correctly, and may not tighten fully and could cause leaks. Subsequent damage to your washer or property will not be covered under the terms of LG’s warranty. The LG hot and cold water inlet hoses are 5 feet long.

  1. Insert a rubber seal into the threaded fitting on each hose.

    Inlet Hoses
  2. Attach the hot water line to the red hot water inlet on the back of the washer and the cold water line to the blue cold water inlet. Tighten the fittings so that they are secure.

    Water Inlets
  3. Attach the hot water line to the hot water tap and the cold water line to the cold water tap. Tighten the fittings so that they are secure. Open the water taps fully to check for any leaks.

    Water Tap
  4. Water supply pressure must be between 14.5 PSI and 116 PSI. If the water supply pressure is more than 116 PSI, a pressure reducing valve must be installed.

    NOTE: The washer requires both a hot and cold water supply to be attached. The water supply for the hot water valve should be at least 120°F.

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