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Vibrations - Front Load Washer

Troubleshooting Washers Last Updated 08/20/2015

If the washer is vibrating during operation, this can usually be resolved by checking the installation of the washer, cycle conditions, or by making necessary adjustments.

Shipping bolts are inserted into the back of the washer from the factory to hold the drum in place during transport. There are 2 short bolts at the top of the drum, and 2 long bolts at the bottom.

Shipping Bolts

If the shipping bolts are not removed from the washer during installation, severe vibration and noise will occur which can lead to permanent damage to the washer.

  1. To check if the shipping bolts are removed, perform a shake test on the drum by pulling the edge of the drum towards the washer to see if there is any movement.


    Shipping Bolts Removed

    Shipping Bolts Not Removed

    Shipping Bolts Removed Shipping Bolts Not Removed
  2. If the shipping bolts are not removed, use the supplied wrench to remove the bolts, or an adjustable wrench.

  3. After removing the shipping bolts, store them in a safe place. The shipping bolts will need to be reinstalled if the unit needs to be moved or transported.

Foreign objects such as a drain pan under the washer can cause vibrations. If there is a drain pan or a foreign object under the unit used for leveling such as a piece of wood, remove the object and attempt to level the washer.

If the washer is on a tile or hardwood floor, some flexing with the flooring is normal and vibrations may be felt in the laundry room. A leveling adjustment may help to reduce the vibrations further.

If the washer is on a tile or hardwood floor and vibrations are felt throughout the home, flooring reinforcement may be necessary.

If the washing machine is not leveled properly, vibrations will occur doing the wash and spin cycles. Improper leveling is the most common cause of the washing machine vibrating.

For more information regarding leveling, refer to Leveling - Front Load Washer.

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