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Water or Ice Tastes/Smells Bad

Troubleshooting Refrigerators Last Updated 05/26/2017
Water or Ice Tastes - Refrigerator

NOTE: If this is a NEW INSTALLATION, it is necessary to flush out the first 1-2 gallons of water the first 1-2 bins of ice before consuming. This will allow for any debris in the lines to be cleared out and for the filter, if included, to fully engage.

  1. Replace filter every six months.

    It is recommended that the water filter be replaced every six months or more often as needed. This can vary from household to household, depending on frequency of use, water quality, and style of filter. If the water filter has not been replaced in the last 4-6 months, the water or ice may develop an unpleasant taste or odor.

    Replace Water Dispenser
  2. Water softeners.

    If the water taste fine but the ice doesn’t, this is the result of water softeners in the water. Water softeners do not have a taste in a liquid state, but when frozen the chemical properties of the softeners change. This is why ice can taste different than the water. This is not the result of the unit, but of softeners added to the water.

  3. Stale water.

    If the unit is not used often, the water will sit in the water lines and the reservoir. This will sometimes give the water a funny taste. Dispose of the first few glasses and try again. If not using the ice frequently, you should empty the ice bin and allow more to be made.

  4. Impurities from source.

    If the tap water in the home has impurities that require removal prior to consumption, a water purifying system will be required. The water filter is only capable of improving the quality of already drinkable tap water. If the tap water is consumable, the taste could be caused by the water supply lines to the refrigerator. Attempt to check the water supply line by disconnected it and tasting it from the source.

    Water Valve
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