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Refrigerator Care & Maintenance Tips

Repair Refrigerators Last Updated 07/20/2016
In case you are looking for error codes, please visit our Refrigerator Error Codes article.
  1. Before you begin to clean your refrigerator always unplug it from the electrical outlet. Hand wash, rinse, and dry all surfaces before plugging the unit back in.

    If you believe this process will take a prolonged time, place any items in a cooler with ice.

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  2. Use a soft clean sponge or cloth and mild detergent to clean the refrigerator. Do not use steel wool or any types of abrasive cleaners.

    For stainless steel exteriors, you can use a commercially available stainless steel cleaner. Be sure to follow the cleaning manufacturer's recommendations and instructions when using a stainless steel cleaning product.

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  3. Pull out all of the removable parts such as shelves and bins

    When you clean removable interior shelves, allow them to warm up to room temperature before you start to clean them. If they are exposed to warm or hot water directly in the fridge there is a risk they could crack or break from thermal shock

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  4. The door gaskets should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the doors make a tight seal.

    Some french door models have additional gaskets in the door

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  5. One of the main steps in refrigerator maintenance is replacing the water filter approximately every 6 month, if you need more information, please visit our Water Filter Installation article.

    Some models come with a fresh air filter, if you need more information visit LG Refrigerator Fresh Air Filter Installation.

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  6. To help remove odors from the refrigerator's interior you can wash the inside with a mixture of backing soda and warm water. Mix 2 tbsp. of baking soda with 1 qt. of water. Allow the baking soda to completely dissolve into the mixture to prevent scratching to the surfaces of the refrigerator.

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  7. The last part that may need maintenance would be to clean the back coils, however LG recommends this to be done by a professional to avoid personal injury.

    You are able to schedule service through an authorized service center or with any license technician.

    For assistance, please refer to Locate Repair Provider.

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  8. If you wish to see a video regarding the cleaning tips, please select your type of refrigerator:

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