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Water is Not Cold From Dispenser

Troubleshooting Refrigerators Last Updated 04/25/2018
Water is Not Cold from Dispenser

LG units have water reservoirs that vary in capacity according to the style of refrigerator. For some recent models, the tank capacity is 350cc (11.83 fl oz). For older models, the capacity is 220cc unless the model is an LSC (side-by-side) model which is 500cc.

Important tips:

  • Only 1-2 cups of water can be held in the reservoir depending on the model. When the cold water is dispensed, warm (tap cold) water comes into the reservoir and is held until future dispensing.

  • When the dispenser run out of reserved water, it dispenses normal room temperature water from the tap.

  • For new installations, it can take up to 24 hours to cool the water. After dispensing more water than the tank's capacity the unit can take up to 6 hours to cool the water again.

Steps to follow:

  • There is no alternate reservoir that can be installed in the unit.

  • Whenever you dispense water, give the dispenser some time interval to produce more cold water.


Author - Sanmi Ajanaku

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