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brid.zzz is a smart sleep care solution
by real-time brain wave measurement

Developed by LG Electronics’ latest technology, accumulated sleep pattern data measured with brid.zzz’s real time brain wave sensor provides an optimized personal sleep care solution by app for a better quality of sleep.

1. Real-time brain wave measurement
Sleep stage is analyzed in real-time by ear tips with sensors that detect and measure brain wave in real-time.

2. Dynamic binaural beat
Dynamic binaural beat entrains to a broader range of brain wave frequencies to induce even deeper sleep in contrast to static binaural beat which entrains brain waves to a fixed frequency.
brid.zzz offers both dynamic and static binaural beat in the app.

3. Personalized sleep care
Real-time adjustments are made by giving different types of stimuli to cater to each user’s sleep status.
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Enjoy ultimate cycling life at home with excicle.

excicle delivers the full experience of both ‘studio cycling’ and ‘outdoor cycling’ with the freewheel motor switchable mode.

1. Both virtual cycling and studio cycling available with a single bike
Indoor exercise bike with a freewheel motor switchable mode and offers ‘studio classes’ and ‘virtual cycling’ sessions.

2. A wide-ranging selection of in-app contents customizable to personal preferences
50-100 training programs available choose from “studio cylcling classes”, “virtual rides”, “scenery rides” to suit personal preferences.
(3 studio cylcling classes and 11 scenery rides will be available at CES 2023.)

3. A simple, modern design to blend in with home interior
As an at-home fitness equipment, excicle has been designed to complement modern living environments.
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pluspot is a wireless charging station
for micro mobility + App

pluspot is a combined service of an app and wireless charging station for micro mobilities as the solution for the dockless devices that clutter streets of cities around the world.

Pluspot not only helps users easily locate and safely charge micro mobility devices, but also function as stations organizing dockless devices that clutter streets of one’s own community.
Furthermore, any user who takes part in such ‘e-scooter plogging’, can earn points that is cash-equivalent at convenience stores and cafes.

From the perspective of micro mobility business, wireless charging station which charges simply by parking, has helped micro mobility operators overcome the operational issues such as charging and relocating devices.

pluspot is LG Electronics’ next ESG move that is a PLUS to our every society, one’s own community, related business industry and people.
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Monster Shoe Club :
LG Electonics provides
phygital customer experience

"Monster Shoes Club (Monshoecl) is a shoe PFP(Profile Picture) NFT project introduced with LG Electronics' new products, LG Styler™ ShoeCase and ShoeCare. It provides a seamless experience of collecting and managing real and virtual shoes.
The 5,500 animated Monshoecl was created by Generative Art. The story of Monshoecl ranges from shoes made from scrap metal pieces to shoes with future energy. With the launch of the product in South Korea in 2023, ThinQ Shoelife service allows you to collect and manage actual shoes and Monshoecl together. In addition, we are planning two new and unique customer experiences. There will be an AR service where you can virtually try on NFT shoes. Also, in Zepeto, avatars can walk around in the metaverse wearing Monshoecl.
Join LG Electronics as a Monshoecl NFT Holder, and join our journey to the home of the future!"
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Hover gym, the beginning of real personal training life

Hovergym is an efficient ‘smart home workout solution’ made possible by combining LG Electronics' powerful twin DD motor, haptic control, and smart technologies.

Powerful motor technology smoothly increases or decrease weight loads to user's desired weight.

The app provides one-on-one personal training including posture correction and workout motivations.