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Upcycling Unworn, Mindful Living

Step into Jane's World, Where Choices Reflect Care

Jane is the queen of upcycling, who recognizes the untapped potential in discarded clothes. Your closet may also have clothes with infinite possibilities! Shall we take a look?

Hidden Environmental Tale Behind Your Wardrobe

Did you know that 92 million tons of textile waste are produced annually? Simply wearing your clothes longer or upcycling them to give them new purpose, like Jane, can improve the environment. It’s all about adopting the mindful mindset of #CareForWhatYouWear, a principle that LG has steadfastly endorsed.

Hidden Environmental Tale Behind Your Wardrobe

Discover Mindful Wearing's Hidden Delights

A girl holding a sweater

Waste Not, Recreate!

Massive textile waste harms our environment annually, but the potential of unworn clothes for creative reuse is boundless. Don't discard; instead, unleash your creativity and breathe new life into these items, playing your part in reducing their environmental footprint.

A girl holding a box of clothes

Denim Transformation: Pet Play!

Why not turn your old, neglected jeans into a playful tug toy for your furry friend? With a few simple cuts and braids, you can give new life to your pet's favorite plaything. Let’s embark on the journey of upcycling and repurpose our unworn clothes!

A girl using a sewing machine

Conscious Lifestyle, Lasting Clothes

Understanding and Protecting Your Precious Clothes

Discover the Secret to Keeping Your clothes Fresh for Longer with AIDD

A Fast and Powerful Clean

Cut down on your laundry time! Experience the speed and perfection of TurboWash

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13/10kg LG WashTower with Centre Control, Black Steel color

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SAR 17,999 Save SAR 9,100

SAR 8,899


21 kg Washer with 12 Kg Dryer, Front Load washing Machine with AI DD (Intelligent Care with 18% More Fabric Protection) ,Stone Silver color, ThinQ (Wi-Fi).

Thumbnail of LG Washer Dryer WS2112BST

SAR 16,999 Save SAR 9,000

SAR 7,999


8 kg Washer with 5kg Dryer Front Load washing Machine with AI DD (Intelligent Care with 18% More Fabric Protection) , Washer and Dryer in One, Steam,Bigger Capacity in Same Size,SmartThinQ (Wi-Fi), Tempered Glass Door, Stainless Lifter.

Thumbnail of LG Washer Dryer WSV0805WH

SAR 5,499 Save SAR 2,500

SAR 2,999


12 kg Washer with 8 Kg Dryer, Front Load washing Machine with AI DD™ (Intelligent Care with 18% More Fabric Protection) ,White color, New Metal panel,Steam+ (Wrinkle & Allergy Care), Turbo Wash 360 (39 Min),ThinQ™ (Wi-Fi),

Thumbnail of LG Washer Dryer WSV1208WHT

SAR 7,649 Save SAR 3,550

SAR 4,099

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