AI Processor. See What Extraordinary Looks Like.

A a9 Gen4 AI Processor is in the middle of the electrical circuit.

See What Extraordinary Looks Like.

Slider comparison of picture quality of a nighttime cityscape.

AI Picture Pro

Picture Reaches Pro Levels.

Developed using a vast database of over one million visual data points, the deep-learning algorithm recognizes content quality, while the 4th generation α9 AI processor removes noise, and optimizes contrast and saturation. The result is crisp, high-quality visuals.

Slider comparison of picture quality of a nighttime cityscape.
Slider comparison of picture quality of a nighttime cityscape.

*Screen images simulated.

*AI Picture Pro is only supported on Z1, G1, C1, QNED99, QNED95, NANO99, and NANO95 models.

Scene Analysis

Scene by Scene Improvements.

The scene analysis feature categorizes what's being shown on screen into one of four scene types — Scenery, Night, City, and Other. It then processes the image accordingly, applying different enhancements and AI upscaling to improve picture quality. 'Scenery' enhances edges and textures, and stresses color and clarity. 'Night' makes differences in shade more visible. And 'City' enhances the sharpness of buildings.

Comparison of picture quality by scene types which are scenery, city, night and other.

Face Enhancing & Text Upscaling

Faces And Text Made Crystal Clear.

Upgraded deep-learning technology makes faces appear more vivid, and on-screen text much sharper and clearer to read.

Slider comparison of picture quality of an anchor delivering breaking news with background of world map.
Slider comparison of picture quality of an anchor delivering breaking news with background of world map.

*Screen images simulated.

AI 8K Upscaling

See It All in Brilliant 8K.

α9 AI processor 8K uses a deep learning algorithm to transform 2K or 4K content into the most life-like 8K picture by enhancing detail and definition. You get to enjoy much clearer text and images with reduced noise and enhanced sharpness, even on LG's biggest screens.

Comparison of picture quality of an antique castle in the middle of a forest with the closeup of one of roofs with enhanced sharpness and detail after upscaled.

*Quality of upscaled content varies based on source resolution.

*Only available on Z1, QNED99, QNED95, NANO99, and NANO95 models.

*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.

Face, Body, Object Enhancing

Enhancing Every Part of the Picture.

The AI Picture algorithm not only detects faces but also bodies and objects. During image processing, subjects can often be overly pale. The AI Picture algorithm enhances backgrounds and main objects independently to avoid this side effect. The result is clearer and more natural images.

A girl taking a selfie with a dog in the field, with the face, body, and object area selected.

*Body Object Enhancing is only applied on Z1.

Built-in Video Decoder

More 8K Videos in REAL 8K.

Support for AV1, HEVC, and VP9 codecs allows you to watch 8K videos on YouTube, other streaming services, or even from a USB storage device.

A vertically long scene of documentaires which show a man on the top of the mountain, streaming services which show a child looking at circular red light in the forest, and movies which show a woman holding a sword.

*AV1 allows 8K YouTube videos. HEVC and VP9 cover other streaming services and local media playback.

*Streaming may require a software update after purchase. 8K content availability may vary by service provider.

*8K playback requires a high-bandwidth internet connection.

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AI Tone Mapping

It's All in the Details.

AI Tone Mapping analyzes the image and adjusts brightness levels to minimize saturated or smeared areas. When analyzing videos, it divides them into small blocks and collects data separately for each block. This way it can bring out individual areas of detail in a scene and optimize tone curves on a frame-by-frame basis.

Slider comparison of picture quality of a frozen waterfall in a forest.
Slider comparison of picture quality of a frozen waterfall in a forest.

Auto Genre Selection

Every Genre at Its Best.

The processor analyzes the type of content — Movie, Sports, animation, or standard — and automatically adjusts the picture and sound to best suit the genre.

A scene of movie, golf game, and animation is vertically and obliquely aligned.

AI Brightness Control

A Brilliant View in Any Lighting.

A light sensor measures the surrounding ambient light, then the processor finely adjusts tone mapping for optimal screen brightness. HDR content is refined with brightness adjustments that transform darker scenes into ones with stunning contrast, detail, and color depth.

Two women watching the same scene on TV in mirrored living rooms and different brightness conditions.

*Screen images simulated.

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AI Sound Pro

Sound Like a Pro.

By learning from more than 17 million sound data points, the processor identifies voices, effects, and frequencies so it can optimize sound according to the audio genre. And the new Auto Volume Leveling feature maintains consistent voice levels across different types of content.

*Screen images simulated.

*AI Sound Pro is only supported on Z1, G1, C1, QNED99, QNED95, NANO99, and NANO95 models.

Virtual 5.1.2 Up-mix

be Surrounded in Sound.

The AI algorithm up-mixes two-channel sound to convincingly mimic 5.1.2 surround sound, enhancing the quality for a better listening experience.

Four white horses running in the water on TV with surround sound graphic.

*Screen images simulated.

Adaptive Sound Control

Sound as It Should be.

The processor recognizes whatever you're watching, whether it's dramas, sports, movies, news, or music, then optimizes the sound for that specific content type. Newsreaders' voices will be clearer, and movie sound effects will be more vivid.

Auto Volume Leveling

No More Changing the Volume.

The Auto Volume Leveling feature minimizes the use of the remote by adjusting voice levels and keeping the volume clear and consistent across different types of content, even when switching between channels and streaming apps.

*Auto Volume Leveling activates automatically on TV Audio if AI Sound Pro is on.

*Auto Volume Leveling only works with external devices if AI Sound Pro and TV Sound Mode Share are on.

*Only 2021 LG Soundbars are supported as external devices.

AI Acoustic Tuning

In Tune with Your Space.

The size of the room, the position of the TV, and where you're sitting are detected through the Magic Remote. The processor then tunes and balances the sound to fit your space.

Woman in large and minimalistic living room watching people dancing on TV.