Washing Machine Tub Cleaning Service

Revive your washing machine

Washing Machine Tub Cleaning Service

Leave the cleaning to the expert

Discover 5 Reasons Why Our Washing Machine Deep Cleaning Service Is Essential!

1.       Improved Performance: Deep cleaning removes dirt, grime, and residue, enhancing the machine's functionality and efficiency.


2.       Extended Lifespan: Regular maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your washing machine, saving you money on repairs or replacements.


3.       Odor Removal: Deep cleaning eliminates unpleasant odors caused by bacteria or mildew buildup inside the machine.


4.       Better Hygiene: Removing built-up residue ensures your laundry is cleaner, reducing the risk of cross-contamination or lingering germs on clothes.


5.       Energy Efficiency: A clean machine operates more efficiently, potentially reducing energy consumption and utility bills.


Washing Machine Tub Cleaning Service


1.       Washing Machine Tub Cleaning Service (the “Cleaning Service”) only

         applies to LG washing machines purchased in Singapore.


2.       Customers are required to provide receipt of purchase as proof.


3.       The Cleaning Service is provided on a charged basis, namely S$160 for a

          top load washing machine and S$220 for a front load washing machine.

          Both charges excludes prevailing GST tax.


4.       Cleaning Service appointment is subject to slot availability.


5.       Pre-inspection shall be carried out by Service Engineers of LG Electronics

          Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“LGE”) to determine if the washing machine qualifies

          for the Cleaning Service.


6.       Front Load washing machine needs to be returned to LGE’s Service

          Center for Cleaning Service.


7.       The Cleaning Service excludes repair and spare part replacement.


8.       The Cleaning Service only applies to addresses within mainland

          Singapore with the exclusion of remote/restricted areas at LGE’s

          discretion, such as Alps Avenue, Jurong Island, Sentosa, Senoko, Changi

          Cargo Complex and Ferry Terminals. Additional charge may apply to

          remote/restricted areas.


9.        LGE reserves the right to make revision of, cancellation of or supplement

           the Terms and Conditions without further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions


How frequently should I engage in deep cleaning service for my washing machine?


Recommend to engage deep cleaning service for every 2 years of usage.


How long is the cleaning service?


The whole cleaning service process will take approximately 2 hours.


Can you provide free diagnoses during the washing machine cleaning service?


Yes, we provide complimentary washing machine diagnoses service for all tub cleaning services.


If I change my mind can I cancel the appointment?


You can cancel your appointment at any point of time before service. After our cleaning service team arrived but you decided not to proceed, the applicable transport fee was applied.


Do I need to pay if my washing machine was diagnosed the condition is not suitable for deep cleaning service?


No, we will not charge the customer if our expert diagnoses your washing machine is not suitable for deep cleaning service.