A man is holding a remote control in his right hand and looking at a large TV across from him. The TV screen shows the "All New Home" screen.

Customize Your Smarter Lifestyle With WebOS on LG TV

All New Home

Discover Your All New Home

*Service availability may differ by region or country.
*Separate subscriptions required for OTT services.

My Profile

Made With You in Mind

Welcome to My Profile, where you can easily create and switch between individual profiles for every member of the family. The home screen is tailored to each different user, giving you customized content recommendations, sports alerts, and easier access to your favorite apps for a more personalized experience.

*Reduced or limited content may be shown depending on region and network connectivity.
*An unlimited number of profiles can be created however the home screen will only display up to 10 profiles.

Quick Card

Settings Are One Click Away

Get all the settings you need onscreen with one click. You can even edit your settings screen to your liking and easily change your frequently used settings menu.

AI Picture Wizard

Resolution That's Right for You

Select the resolution you want with a few simple steps and take the guessing game out of getting the best image.


*Support for the 'Picture Wizard' feature may vary depending on the product.

AI Concierge

Content We Know You'll Love

AI Concierge understands your preferences based on your voice recognition search history and even recommends keywords depending on your unique user behavior.

A man is sitting on the sofa and watching TV. The man has a remote control in his hand, and on TV, there is an image of a scene from Apple TV+ 'Foundation'.

*Service Availability may vary depending on region and series.
* 'For you keyword' can only be provided in countries that support NLP in their native language.
*Support for this feature may vary by country.

Smart Life

Your TV Just Got Smarter

A man is sitting on a luxurious and spacious living room sofa, looking at the TV. The TV screen shows a split-screen display of a football game and a news program.

Multi View

*App/Input Combination availability can vary depending on the service. Refer to User Manual for supported webcams.
*Picture/sound settings on both screens are the same.
*'LG Fitness' has Picture In Picture mode function with USB cam in app.
*Image output limited to one screen.
*Support for this feature may vary by country.

Hands-Free Voice Recognition

LG Goes Hands-Free

Access entertainment faster, check the weather, control connected smart devices, and more using just your voice on your LG TV.


A man is sitting on a sofa facing a TV on the opposite side. A speech bubble that reads 'Recommend me something to watch' is floating above his head. Inside the screen, a video of a man wearing an umbrella is playing with a UI that is voice-recognized.

*Voice Command availability may vary by products and country.
*Use of the hands-free voice function without a remote control is only possible with the α9 processor.

Amazon & Apple Air Play

Seamless Pairing Across Services

Enjoy seamless connection and easy control of your LG TV with support for services like Amazon Alexa Built-in, Apple Airplay and HomeKit, and Matter.

A woman is shown in a dark room watching a video from her phone on the TV through mirroring.

*LG supports 'Matter' Wi-Fi devices. 'Matter' supported services and features may vary depending on the connected devices. Initial Connection for ThinQ and Matter should be via ThinQ mobile app.
*Apple, the Apple logo, Apple TV, AirPlay and HomeKit are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
*Supported menus and apps may vary by country.
*Voice Command availability may vary by product and country.
*Menus displayed may be different upon release.
*Support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit may vary by region.
*Support for Amazon Alexa may vary by language and region.

Always Ready

TV That's Got All the Answers

LG TVs are useful, even when they're switched off, thanks to the Always Ready feature. Your TV will act as an AI speaker when not in use so it's ready to respond to your voice commands at a moment's notice. You can even use the TV to display clocks, art, photos, or play music for a versatile home centerpiece.

There is a large wall in the space with stairs and lighting, and a TV is hung there. Inside the TV screen, there is a sunset landscape with today's weather information.

*OLEDZ3/G3/C3 feature Always Ready.
*Support for this feature may vary by country.

Room-to-Room Share

Take Your Content With You

Enjoy content seamlessly even as you move around your home with Room-to-Room Sharing. Simply tell your TV to send your content to another LG TV in your home Wi-Fi network and enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience.

*Main TV (Content Sending): OLEDZ2/G2/C2/CS, QNED99/95, OLEDZ3/G3/C3 (Applied on 2022 and later year models).
*Sub TV (Content Receiving): Every 2022 and later models and StanbyME.
*NanoCell TVs and UHD TVs are only supported as Sub TVs.
*Only TVs connected to the same WiFi AP can be synced.
*Support for Room-to-Room Sharing may vary by country.
*Service is not available in the EU region due to copyright issues
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.


Putting accessibility first

Discover features that keep things simple for everyone.

There is Braille embossing on the button on the remote control.

         Braille embossing

Touch to control

Braille embossing on major buttons makes remote navigation easy.

There is Braille embossing on the button on the remote control.

         Hot key

Get where you want faster

Hold down mute to jump into accessibility settings

There is a button with a microphone icon drawn on it, and this button is the voice recognition operation button.

         Voice recognition

Say what you want to watch

Want to change the channel? Just ask your TV.

A shortcut to lessons

Lessons are quick and easy to access from the accessibility menu within quick settings.

Just ask to learn

Ready to begin? Just hold down the voice recognition button and say, "learn the remote control."

Sounds Good to All

Enjoy TV at the best volume for your hearing needs with separate sound output options for TV audio and Bluetooth hearing aid devices.

A group of people are sitting on a sofa watching a soccer game on TV. The woman on the far right is wearing earbuds and using them with a different volume than the TV, indicating that she is using both at the same time.

*Supported features may vary by country.

*Supported features my vary by model.

Enjoy an Expanded Sign Language Screen

Sign Language Zoom allows people with hearing impairments to better see sign language broadcasts by magnifying the picture-in-picture sign language screen.

The TV screen displays a news scene and in the bottom right corner, there is a large screen showing sign language.

*Supported features may vary by country.

*Supported features my vary by model.

Suit Your Screen to Your Visual Needs

LG TVs offer accessibility features like Audio Guidance, High Contrast and Grayscale, Invert Colors, and Video Description for people with visual impairments.

An elderly couple is sitting on a sofa, smiling and looking at the screen.

*Supported features may vary by country.

*Supported features my vary by model.

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