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Our washing machines go above and beyond

As well as delivering spotless laundry, truly great washing machines go further and actually help care for your clothes with a swift, energy-efficient wash. LG washing machines boast a range of high-performance functions from reducing allergens to care programmes designed to help extend the life of your clothing. An LG washing machine will make your life smoother and easier. 

Read on to find out more about how LG washing machines can save you time, energy and water. Our intelligent laundry technologies will help make wash day more of a pleasure than a chore.  


How AI DD cares for your clothes

LG washing machines employ Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD™) technology, providing 18% greater fabric protection for your clothes than a conventional wash cycle.1

It’s an impressive result, possible due to the ability of AI to detect the sensitivity of fabrics being washed. Without any need for you to manually adjust the wash programme, AI DD™ knows automatically which garments to treat gently and adjusts the wash/rinse/spin method accordingly.

It's fair to say, washing machines have come a long way. They are now far more energy and water efficient than previous models. Earlier generations of washing machines used the same amount of water, energy and time regardless of the weight or volume of laundry in the drum. A kilo of lingerie or three kilos of denim would each get an identical wash treatment. New tech means today’s more advanced washing machines can adapt every cycle to the fabric type and weight of your laundry.

As you would expect, LG’s AI DD™ technology takes things a step further, using data-driven machine learning to improve the performance of your washer.


Before the machine fills with water, it detects the weight of the laundry load. As clothing is loaded into the drum, sensors activate and compare garment textures against pre-programmed data derived from the analysis of more than 20,000 fabric types. This ensures high precision in garment detection and means that the washing machine can decide which programme to activate — common options being Cotton, Mixed Fabric, and Easy Care — with zero human input. 

There’s no need to feel anxious about the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’: be reassured that LG technology brings no privacy concerns because our washing machines neither extract nor rely on your personal information.

Of course, humans have been washing clothing for millennia; AI DD™ tech is an evolution of LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, which is based on the six key actions we use when doing the washing by hand: tumble, swing, filtration, rolling, scrub and stepping.

With reference to these six primitive motions — plus analysis of the textile composition of the clothing you are washing — AI DD™ individually selects the optimal washing pattern for each load of laundry. 

Harnessing in-machine intelligence, LG technology knows exactly how best to treat your clothes with care. 

Life's Good!

1 Tested by Intertek, March 2019. Cotton cycle with 2kg of underwear compared with LG Conventional Cotton cycle (F4V9RWP2W vs. FC1450S2W). Results may vary depending on the clothes and environment.