With so many options on the market, choosing the best TV for sports can be difficult. Here are a few key features to keep in mind. The best TV for sports should deliver lightning-fast motion, vibrant picture quality and enough processing power to produce a high refresh rate.

When it comes to sound and picture performance, OLED evo TVs offer:

  • Sharp details, even from wide angles
  • Up to 20% more luminosity and brightness1
  • Smoother motion and less image distortion
  • Automatic, AI-controlled picture and sound adjustment

Read on ahead for our guide to the best TVs for watching sports and all the specs you should be looking out for.

The best TV for sports uses Brightness Booster

Throughout the most popular sporting events around the world, millions of people prefer to stay glued to their TV screens as they watch all the drama unfold. But to truly appreciate the staggering speed, the beautiful athleticism and the frankly terrifying impact faced by the best players in every league, you need a television that can transform your viewing experience and make everyone feel like part of the action.

Three people watch a soccer match an on OLED evo smart TV
Three people watch a soccer match an on OLED evo smart TV

Watching sports on an LG’s expansive OLED evo range is an unbeatable experience, thanks to its millions of self-lit pixels. This feature creates infinite contrast, perfect black production and incredibly sharp details, even from wide angles. With Brightness Booster, the self-luminous LG OLED pixels can shine even more by delivering up to 20% more luminosity.

AI Picture Pro keeps up with fast-paced sporting events

There’s nothing worse than tuning into the game just to see a blurry figure fly across the screen. Whether you’re watching football, cricket, tennis or horse racing, you want to prioritise smooth motion, high refresh rates and top-tier clarity. OLED evo TVs also come with AI Picture Pro, which is an advanced technology that sees the self-lit pixels illuminate one by one. The result is the ability to display fast-moving sports much smoother and with less image distortion.

A split-screen image of two football players shows the smooth motion of LG OLED evo TVs
A split-screen image of two football players shows the smooth motion of LG OLED evo TVs

*Screen images simulated.

What’s more, every LG OLED evo TV features the α9 Gen4 AI Processor. This groundbreaking chip uses deep-learning algorithms to analyse and optimise content.2 That means that no matter what sports you are watching, the picture and sound will automatically adjust so you get the best possible experience. 

Consider screen size for optimal sports viewing

If you’re looking for the best TV for sports and want to grab one in time to watch the action of the upcoming season, then you might be wondering if less is more. Is bigger truly better, or can a small pack just as much of a punch?

Well, size does matter—as any sports lover would tell you. On a larger screen, you can effortlessly count each bead of sweat on an athlete’s brow. LG OLED evo TVs are also available in 657783-inch options; and when it comes to catching each game’s most momentous moments, every second deserves to be viewed in breathtaking detail.

Diagram of different screen sizes in the LG OLED evo range
Diagram of different screen sizes in the LG OLED evo range

Just don’t forget to measure up, as you’ll want to take into account the size of your room and how far you’ll be sat from the TV to ensure that the style you buy isn’t too big for the space it’s in.

But you don’t have to shell out the cash for the biggest TV on the market to enjoy the immersive sound and display quality OLED evo has to offer. For smaller spaces and budgets, a 55-inch smart TV can still provide the impeccable clarity and image performance you need to compliment your favourite sporting events

For those looking for a lifelike display with a wealth of groundbreaking features, you can find the very best TV for sports within LG’s OLED evo range. With its ability to reduce motion blur, offer exceptional colour quality and boast incredibly vivid HDR image production—there is no doubt that OLED evo is a standout choice for all of your favourite sporting events.3 

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1 Compared to non-OLED evo models and based on full white measurement. The 42" and 48" models of the LG OLED evo TV C2 are excluded.

2 The α9 Gen5 4K AI processor uses deep learning algorithms to enhance objects in the foreground and background to give them a more natural depth. 

3 Optimal HDR support with Cinema HDR (Dolby Vision IQ™, HDR10 Pro & HLG).