The holidays are right around the corner, and in true festive spirit, we’ve put together a holiday gift guide of some of our newest and most exciting products that are bound to please even the biggest scrooge. From gadgets that will help make life easier to products that are as practical as they are stylish, these cool gifts will make any tech-savvy person on your list geek out.

Give some holiday cheer to your special someone

Christmas gifts for couples don’t have to be limited to chocolates and teddy bears. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, now is the time to save and put a smile on the face of your special someone.

First up, every aspiring chef (or cook of the house) should have a setup that brings each dish to life, without sacrificing precious work space. The new LG NatureFRESH™ fridge freezer is low profile and perfect for keeping ingredients organised and ready to go—regardless of your kitchen’s layout.

Thinking about upgrading your TV? Celebrate the holidays together as a family by watching your favourite movies with a complete, well-equipped entertainment center. If you really want to leave a lasting impression on those closest to you, you absolutely can’t go wrong with adding an LG OLED TV and LG soundbar to your list. Make the holidays even brighter by enjoying vibrant self-lit pixels and crystal-clear sound—in great company.

Treat yourself to the holiday gift you deserve

If you’re trying to decide who should be spoiled during the holidays, why not start at home? Show yourself some appreciation this year with a sophisticated gift that’s just shareable enough for the season of giving. Celebrate a year well done with the new, modern aesthetic of an omnidirectional speaker.

 The XBOOM360 seamlessly boosts sound performance and processing quality to instantly turn your home into a day spa, fitness studio, trendy rooftop bar or garden oasis. Plus, with high-quality Bluetooth capabilities, everyone can connect and take their videos and playlists from room to room.1

A woman relaxes on the couch while listening to her LG XBOOM360 omnidirectional Bluetooth speaker
A woman relaxes on the couch while listening to her LG XBOOM360 omnidirectional Bluetooth speaker

If you have been using the same office setup for way too long, it’s time to take your work-from-home space to the next level. The LG gram has the power to handle everything from conference calls to after-hours streaming sessions. It is also lightweight enough to simply toss in a bag for a pop-up work session at the local coffee shop.

Modernise “me time” and give back to those closest to you by buying a present that everyone will love.

Spread some holiday cheer to the extended family

Daily life has become more virtualised than ever before. This includes video calls, online Christmas cards and even gaming tutorials between Nan and the kids. If you’re still seeking gift ideas for Mum, Dad, Gran or the in-laws—we have just the thing. Bring your extended family even closer with the LG Ergo monitor, which can be swivelled in any direction to fit all of their online activities.

A split image shows a smiling woman with glasses and an adjustable LG Monitor Ergo
A split image shows a smiling woman with glasses and an adjustable LG Monitor Ergo

This ergonomically designed display is the quintessential multitasking tool. The slim stand and C-clamp mount make it easy to keep a clutter-free workspace. And users can extend, retract, swivel, pivot or tilt the screen to improve comfort while promoting good posture.

Christmas gift ideas for co-workers, friends and everyone in between

Want to turn heads at the company gift exchange? These options are impressive and available at a comfortable price point. 

If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas for friends, then be prepared to steal the show as Secret Santa by giving the gift of bright, clean, unhindered audio. LG TONE Free wireless earbuds are optimal for catching up on podcasts while running errands, or plugging into video calls at the office. The UVnano™ compact charging case sanitises after every use, keeping your earbuds fresh and clean.2 And noise-cancellation enhances sound quality even more by reducing atmospheric interference.3

Shopping for a social butterfly? Lightweight, durable and affordable—the XBOOM Go portable bluetooth speaker is the budget stocking stuffer for the extroverts in your circle. Your friends can start a party anywhere with seamless connectivity and an ergonomic design. Just connect the speaker to a phone or mobile device via Bluetooth, and go!

Give the gift of Christmas cheer and prepare for a joyous holiday season with these guaranteed-to-please gifts. Looking for the best Holiday deals to make every moment count? Click here to check out our ongoing promotions for even more holiday savings.

Life’s Good!

1 Omnidirectional sound by speaker with multiple drivers.

2 UVnano is a compound word derived from the words UV and its unit, nanometer. Independent testing shows that the UVnano charging cradle kills 99.9% of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia bacteria on the speaker mesh of the earbuds in 5 minutes while charging. UV LED light is invisible and is only activated when the charging cradle is closed with the earbuds inside. The blue mood light is for aesthetic purposes only and appears when the charging cradle lid is opened.

3 Microphone inside the ear bud captures inner ear sounds with less Ambient noise.