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LG awarded Most Reliable and Best TV Brand in Which? survey



2018 has been an exceptional year for LG Electronics (LG) TVs

With the launch of the widely acclaimed OLED and SUPER UHD TVs, including the W8, E8, C8, B8, SK95, and SK85, the preview of the world’s first 8K OLED TV at IFA along with the visually stunning OLED Canyon, at CES 2018. This year also saw LG launch and install ThinQ AI into its 2018 models, giving customers a smarter way to watch TV.


LG strives to create exceptional quality products for its customer and following a multitude of award wins, the success of the year has been solidified by a recent survey from Which? that revealed LG is considered one of the Best and Most Reliable TV brands.




Which? survey


Following a survey of 9,278 Which? readers in June, LG was the only brand to be awarded both the coveted titles of Best TV Brand and Most Reliable TV Brand. Which? respondents gave their insights on over 43,682 individual products which were then combined with the average price, test score, and customer score.


In the same report LG has been praised for their “consistently excellent TVs with sparkling screen quality and booming sound”.


The results from Which?’s latest report are fantastic news for LG and highlights to us the ongoing importance of investing revenue into research and development (R&D), to ensure we are creating products of the highest quality for our customers. LG is continuing to invest a large proportion of its revenue into R&D to ensure we keep meeting our customer’s high standards and provide the best and most reliable range of TVs on the market.


Carolyn Anderson, Marketing Director, LG Electronics

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