As a much-needed feature in our day-to-day life, choosing a laptop that works for your lifestyle is a no-brainer. Introducing the newly launched LG gram 16Z90P - a sleek device with more enhanced features than meets the eye. Let’s take a look at how the LG gram is one of the best laptops for a home office or on-the-go working, providing style and substance whenever and wherever you need it.

Best LG lightweight laptop yet so you can work from anywhere

We’re now accustomed to working from anywhere - at the beach, in a café, or back in the office or classroom. Whatever remote working looks like for you, one thing’s for sure: nobody likes having to lug bulky, heavy tech around.

Laptops are meant to be portable, and that’s certainly true of the ultra-lightweight. At just 1,190g, the LG gram 16Z90P is the best LG lightweight laptop yet and is so light, it’s even got a Guinness world record to prove it. Without compromising on size, the LG gram includes a generous 16” screen and a lengthy battery life, giving you up to 22 hours1) of use from a single charge - perfect for when you’ve forgotten your charger or there’s no plug socket nearby.

Ample screen size as you multitask

If you’re used to working on a big screen in your office job, you might be missing it while you work from home. Laptops are a top asset for your work, as more of us are relying solely on these portable devices for our professional lives. The LG gram 16Z90P boasts a 16:10 screen, allowing you to work efficiently by providing more information on the page at a time - 11% more screen space compared to a 16:9 ratio, to be precise.

The high-resolution WQXGA (2560x1600) display dispenses clear and vivid colour at twice the resolution of Full HD, making it an aesthetic pleasure to work on. And for added ergonomic precision, the LG gram keyboard is redesigned with expanded keycaps, enhanced key stroke and a widened touchpad, guaranteeing you a valued experience as you power through that end-of-year report.

High-powered processor for streaming and gaming on the go

Many gamers prefer a PC set-up for gaming, as it tends to offer more processing power. With the LG gram’s extensive processor you can have the ultimate gaming experience directly from your laptop. If you’re more into binge-watching than gaming, available directly on your laptop, on holiday at the beach, or at your favorite cafe, you’re always caught up with your top series’ too.

The LG gram 16Z90P packs plenty of punch when it comes to processing power thanks to the Intel® Evo™ platform with the 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor and Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, effectively enhancing both your gaming and streaming experience. For all the witty dialogue you don’t want to miss, you’ll also receive an immersive sound with the LG gram’s DTS:X Ultra sound system as you stream your preferred series. This intuitive sound system also allows you to immerse yourself in 3D Audio Rendering without ever needing to put your headphones on, the perfect feature for gaming. Combining high-tech design with a sleek and slender shape, it’s no wonder its been touted as the best portable gaming laptop for pro streamers and novices alike.

Top durability for when life happens

It’s a hard knock life for the average laptop: chucked in your rucksack, manhandled by the kids, knocked off your lap by the family pet… you name it. If you’re eager to find a laptop that can withstand everything you throw at it, the LG gram offers an effective level of durability.

A woman sits on steps outside working on her laptop
A woman sits on steps outside working on her laptop

Made from strong yet lightweight magnesium alloy that’s the same stuff used for making aircraft material, the LG gram has passed the demanding MIL-STD-810G military standard2) of durability and reliability. It conclusively checks out against seven factors including shock3), dust and temperature changes. In short, it’s made of stern stuff.

A laptop for your lifestyle

Life happens at breakneck speed, and you need a laptop that can keep up. Whether you’re streaming on the go or nestled in your home office, choose the LG gram: an ultra-portable, sleek and lightweight laptop that can handle your lifestyle, without compromising on power and features.

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1) Above battery life describes the maximum capacity based on the MobileMark® 2014 results. Actual battery life will vary from specifications depending on model, setup configuration, applications used, features utilized and power management settings.

2) LG gram: MIL-STD-810 standard testing and certification by KOLAS Labs September to November 2020.

3) The shock test involved Functional Shock and Transit Drop.

4) Images include various models of the LG gram.