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  • Smart multi-point serving
  • Fast installation without space constraints
  • FSALM autonomous driving
  • Cruise mode
  • 9.2-inch display intuitive control panel
CLOi ServeBot - Swift and Reliable Serving Specialist, Smart Robot Solution with Accurate Tracking, Safe Movement, and Professional Serving
  • The ToF (time-of-flight) sensors on each shelfare able to detect food as it is retrieved from the shelf and is programmed tothen move to the next table. 

  • The CLOi ServeBot is able to attend tomultiple tables and customers at the same time.

Fast installation without space constraints

The 3D Camera and LiDAR sensors help provide excellent space recognition without the need to install separate ceiling markers. This allows the CLOi ServeBot to move freely and precisely, even in spaces with high ceilings, operate in areas with limited maneuverability, or to follow complex paths.

FSALM autonomous driving FSALM autonomous driving Built to navigate using the Fusion SLAM method that recognizes space with a 3D camera and LiDAR sensor.

Fast installation Fast installation Quick setup* without the need to install separate ceiling markers.

*1,000 square feet, based on PoI (10 tables + waiting/return/charging area)
- The minimum installation time for CLOi Servebot is 79 minutes
- Results based on internal engineering tests

Provide safe and secure services

The CLOi Servebot navigates safely with a 3D camera sensor that detects low-height obstacles and a close-range ToF sensor to avoid sudden obstructions or small obstacles.
- Front-view sensor (LiDAR) / Obstacle detection 3D camera (RGBD) / Low obstacle detection ToF sensor / Bumper to minimize impact in case of collision

Smart multi-point serving

The CLOi ServeBot is able to serve multiple tables at once by detecting the presence of food and departing to the next table after a table is properly served.

Update Pathways and Cruise Mode on-the-fly

Use the intuitive control panel to adjust pathways and enable cruise mode, a function that allows the Servebot to follow a preset route after maps and stopover points have been designated within the settings.
*Cruise mode: A function ideal for repetitive actions within a designated location. (convenient for serving frequently used dishes, napkins, and condiments)
  • 9.2-inch display intuitive control panel.

  • Track the location and status of the Servebot remotely using the dedicated app.

The perfect serving solution for a wide range of businesses

Serving solution optimized for each vertical.

  • Restaurants

    Improve employee productivity by automating serving and clearing tasks.

  • Hotels, Resorts, & Serviced Residences

     The CLOi ServeBot provides guests with safe and efficient services.

  • Community spaces

    Provide an enhanced and efficient community experience with the CLOi ServeBot.

TIME Best Inventions of 2022

TIME Best Inventions of 2022

Read about how LG’s swift & reliable serving specialist dazzled TIME and earned a spot on the list of Best Inventions of 2022


    • Dimensions (W x H x D)
    • 20.1 x 51.2 x 20.1 in
    • Weight
    • 132.3 lbs
    • Load capacity
    • 66.14 lbs (each drawer holds up to 22.05 lbs)
    • Number of Shelves
    • 3
    • Shelf size (W x L)
    • 19.7 x 15.75 in
    • Sensor
    • LiDAR / 3D Camera / ToF / Bumper
    • Display
    • 9.2" Touch LCD Display
    • Status LED (action / status alert)
    • RED / BLUE / GREEN
    • Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi


    • Capacity
    • 25,000mAH
    • Charging time
    • 5 hours
    • Continuous operating time
    • 11 hours
    • Battery certification
    • UL2271
    • Charging type
    • Manual


    • Voice / Display
    • Korean / English / Spainish / French / Japanese
    • Voice Content
    • Driving, Arrival notification (call / text)
    • Voice content phrases / music change
    • Yes

Autonomous Driving

    • Driving mode
    • General mode / Safe mode
    • Obstacle recognition
    • Automatic obstacle recognition
    • Obstacle avoidance
    • Real-time route planning & driving
    • Speed (max.)
    • 1.0m/s (adjustable)
    • Drive width (min.)
    • 27.6 in
    • Surface compability
    • Marble / Tile / Cement
    • Cruise driving path setting
    • User-configurable


    • Safety / Electromagnetic wave
    • KC


    • Remote calling app.
    • Yes
    • Automatic detection of food unloading
    • Yes

Specification Sheet

To access more technical documentation and downloads, please visit the LG B2B Partner Portal.

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