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  • Autonomous guiding service for wide range of facilities
  • Speech recognition and interactive touch screen
  • Dedicated CMS for convenient, on-screen and auditory content management
  • Time and location-based advertising capabilities
  • Security patrolling monitoring
  • Optional Docent feature tailored for Art Galleries, Museums, etc.
LG RSCGD20 CLOi GuideBot with Guiding Services, Mobile Advertising, Security Monitoring, and Dedicated CMS

Autonomous Guiding Service in Virtually any Facility

The CLOi GuideBot promptly informs visitors with facility information upon request and conveniently escorts visitors to their desired location.

Speech recognition* and touch interaction Speech recognition* and touch interaction

Provides directions, estimated distance, and travel time in escort mode. Provides directions, estimated distance, and travel time in escort mode.

*Currently available for English and Korean.
*Multilingual support for 12 additional languages to be released.

Content Management Made Simple

With a dedicated content management system (CMS), you can easily update the CLOi GuideBot with new menu items, services, or other types of information.

*The CMS images simulated to enhance feature understanding. it may differ from actual use.

Timely Advertising Solution When and Where you Need It

Synchronize the Guidebot with an existing signage solution to enable time-based promotions or display advertisements for nearby stores based on the Guidebot's location

Autonomous Security Patrol

Users can manually set a patrol route and schedule for on-site security purposes, which can improve security staff productivity with remote monitoring capabilities.
*To be updated
*For monitoring activities permitted by law, such as crime prevention and investigation, facility, and fire prevention

Optional Docent Capabilities

CLOi GuideBot can act as a docent for art galleries and museums, guiding visitors to artworks before playing related audio-visual commentary whilst providing accompanied touch screen interaction. Touch screen interaction and voice recognition technologies allow the GuideBot to respond to visitor questions.

A Guide for a Wide Range of Businesses

Autonomous guiding solutions for nearly every vertical

  • Retail

    Display time and location based advertising or promotions

  • Hospitality

    Present the weather, news, and other information to guests

  • Corporate Office

    Help reinforce your on-site security presence by having the GuideBot patrol blind spots

  • Medical

    Provide medical information to visitors, patients, and medical professionals

  • Museums, Art Galleries, & Exhibition Halls

    Supplement collections and exhibitions with GuideBot autonomous information delivery capabilities

  • Transportation

    Provide travelers with arrival and departure information

  • Education

    Assist students, faculty, staff, and guests with finding their destination


    • Dimensions (W x H x D)
    • 20.1 x 59.1 x 20.1 inches
    • Weight
    • 176.4 pounds
    • Sensor
    • LiDAR / ToF / Bumper / Magnetic / Depth
    • Display
    • Head : 9.2" LCD Display, Body (front/back) : 27" Touch LCD Display
    • Connectivity
    • LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


    • Capacity
    • 1,250W (625W x 2)
    • Charging time
    • 5 hours
    • Continuous operating time
    • 9 hours
    • Charging type
    • Automatic


    • Voice / Display
    • Korean / English, Multi-language support (12 languages including) to be added in future update
    • Voice Content
    • Driving, Facility guidance

Autonomous Driving

    • Destination guidance
    • Yes
    • Obstacle recognition
    • Automatic obstacle recognition
    • Obstacle avoidance
    • Real-time route planning & driving
    • Speed (max.)
    • 2.2mph
    • Drive width (min.)
    • 31.5 inches
    • Surface compability
    • Marble / Carpet / Cement / Tile / Wood


    • Functionality
    • Menu, Digital Signage, Advertising, Wayfinding, Voice. Supports third party data integration.


    • Safety / Electromagnetic wave
    • KC, UL3300


    • Cloud
    • PC / Mobile
    • Automatic doors
    • Yes
    • Security patrol monitoring
    • Yes (Night recording illuminance range : 60 ~ 3,000Lux)
    • Docent
    • Optional

Specification Sheet

To access more technical documentation and downloads, please visit the LG B2B Partner Portal.

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