Why LG Solar?

When planning a solar project, picking the right products from a brand you know and trust is essential. Our long-standing commitment to quality and innovation makes LG the smart choice.

  • Leading Solar Technology

    LG started with a vision of becoming a global leader in the electronics and technology industries, enriching customer lives, and driving innovation.

  • Peace of Mind Warranty

    LG stands by its products with a 25-year product warranty and a performance warranty guaranteeing a minimum power output of 86%-88.4% after 25 years.

  • Award-Winning Innovation

    LG is proud to provide solar modules recognized for their efficiency and performance. The LG NeON® 2 is among the most powerful solar modules on the market today, thanks to LG’s Cello Technology™.

LG PRO Partner Program™
We Want You!

Benefit from a host of great features, including training, tech support, amazing rebates, product incentives, and the industry’s leading warranty.

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