Questions Regarding This Business Decision

Why is LG closing its solar panel business?

LG leadership decided to exit the global solar panel business following a comprehensive review of the impact of increasing material and logistics costs, as well as severe supply chain constraints affecting the solar industry.

Moving forward, we are strengthening our focus on our home energy platform business—an area where we believe LG can provide more value in the future.

How will you handle warranties on installed solar modules?

Homeowners and businesses chose LG solar modules for their high-quality performance backed by a trusted brand. We will continue to stand behind our brand and will honor the limited warranty with each product sold. Please contact your installer for warranty related support.

For additional information, call LG’s customer support center at 1-833-388-2121.

Are LG solar panels still available? What actions will LG be taking to support distributors and installer partners affected by this decision?

LG Solar will work with its distributor and installer partners to limit disruption. Production at our Huntsville, Alabama, facility will continue until the second quarter this year. LG Solar products will continue to be available while supplies last.

We value all our partners and we look forward to working together on new opportunities for collaboration in the energy sector.

What impact will this have on stakeholder sentiments regarding LG’s commitment to sustainability and efficient energy?

Our stakeholders can be assured that sustainability remains a core business principle at LG Electronics.

We are constantly evaluating the ways in which LG can unlock potential, create value, and support our vision for a better future for all.

Although exiting the solar panel business, we are strengthening our focus on groundbreaking sustainable solutions, products, and services where we can have an even greater positive impact.

Will LG be providing any transition or retraining services to displaced employees?

We are meeting directly with U.S. workers to identify potential opportunities in other LG businesses and manufacturing facilities. We hope we can retain many of our talented and dedicated employees.

Employees who will not be continuing with LG will be offered transition support and severance packages commensurate with their tenure with the company.

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If you have questions, call LG’s customer support center at 1-833-388-2121.
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