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A smart design to bring the heat

LG NeoChef™ countertop microwaves with LG’s Smart Inverter have even heating down to a science

A smart design to bring the heat

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Cook smarter -- and faster. LG countertop microwave ovens offer versatile cooking solutions in compact packages. From defrosting and warming dishes to roasting vegetables and baking, our microwaves can do it all.

Designed to help you do more in the kitchen, our countertop microwaves can help streamline meal prep and make snacks in a flash. Discover just a few of the available features that will change the way you use your microwave:

One-Touch Settings: With preset cooking times for popular foods, like popcorn, rice, potatoes, frozen entrees and more, all you have to do is press a button and leave the rest to us.

Sensor Cooking: When you choose a countertop microwave with Sensor Cooking, your microwave will use the latest technology to sense humidity levels and determine when food is fully cooked. Once it's done, the microwave will turn itself off to prevent overcooking.

Round Cavities: Round-cavity microwaves optimize your interior space and give you more room for your favorite dishes. And without tight corners to collect crumbs and oil, cleanup is easy.

Built-in Baking Oven: Available on select countertop microwave ovens, our built-in baking oven allows you to bake pizzas, cookies, biscuits and more without turning on your large oven.

Auto Pizza: Cook fresh and frozen pizzas to perfection with our Auto Pizza setting that automatically adjusts the cooking time based on your specific dish.

EasyClean®: With a stain- and buildup-resistant interior, EasyClean makes it simple to clean your microwave without harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

Child Lock: To prevent small children from playing with or using the microwave without your knowledge, our Child Lockout feature allows you to lock the keypad with the touch of a button.

With an LG countertop microwave boasting the latest features and functions, you can warm dishes to perfection -- but you can also cook complete meals flawlessly. Our Sensor Cooking technology automatically senses the humidity levels in your food and turns itself off when dishes are cooked through. And with one-touch controls for everything from rice to pizza, the days of dry, overcooked meals are over. Best of all, with a stain- and buildup-resistant interior, our microwaves can easily be cleaned without harsh chemicals or scrubbing. Browse our complete collection, as well as our full range of kitchen appliances, and find new ways to maximize your space -- and your time.

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